• Exploring the world through experimentation: A short film explains the international educational program Experimento.

Discovering and understanding scientific and technological interrelationships: this is the aim of Siemens Stiftung and its international educational program Experimento.

Experimento has been developed by educationalists for use in preschools, elementary schools, and secondary schools. It offers teachers and educators a practical and curriculum-oriented selection of topics in the areas of energy, health, and environment. Seminars developed especially for that purpose provide educators with the relevant expertise in using Experimento. Specific instructions, methods and materials for experiments help to embed the program successfully in teaching.

Some 130 experiments developed for age groups 4-7 (Experimento | 4+), 8-12 (Experimento | 8+) and 10-18 (Experimento | 10+) ensure that children and young people gain knowledge they can use throughout the educational chain. They can explore, reflect upon and understand scientific and technological subjects independently and further develop their knowledge of global challenges – for example, the greenhouse effect, renewable energies, and drinking water production – in a way that is appropriate to their age group.

Experimento is being implemented with a regional focus on Africa, Latin America, and Europe/Germany. In order to meet the specific requirements for teaching and learning in each country, Siemens Stiftung works in close cooperation with local educational partners.