Experimento in Germany

The STEM Education Program Experimento in Germany

Is physics boring? In Frechen, students learn vocational skills in a playful way.
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How do we hear? Experimento experiments are aligned with the curricula followed by the German states.
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Service learning in the STEM subjects: The fifth grade at Gustav-Walle-Schule in Würzburg organized a “water day” at a daycare center.
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Creative ideas for chemistry class: advanced training for teachers at Max-Planck-Gymnasium Trier.
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At Experimento Centers, teachers familiarize themselves with new experiments and then share them with their colleagues.
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Students at Erich Kästner-Schule in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn engrossed in discussion. The teacher remains a silent observer.
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All Experimento materials are also available in digital format in the Siemens Stiftung Media Portal.
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Experimento is Siemens Stiftung’s international STEM education program. It is based on the principle of inquiry-based learning, which sees students actively shaping their individual learning processes. The focus here is on independently experimenting with, studying, and understanding phenomena relating to energy, the environment, and health. The use of current topics combined with co-constructive learning processes gives a huge boost to students’ motivation and sense of empowerment and encourages them to apply their knowledge specifically and keep thinking one step ahead – well beyond the boundaries of the classroom. A scientific evaluation confirms this.

Our overview page contains further information on the educational concept, the international focus, and all the materials.


Our Services in Germany

High-quality teaching and learning materials and didactic instructions for STEM lessons

Our Media Portal contains a range of teaching and learning materials for elementary schools (Experimento | 8+) and secondary schools (Experimento | 10+) tailored to the curriculum for all German states.

Blended learning seminars for teachers and educational professionals
Blended learning seminars awarded the Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval introduce teachers and educational professionals to Experimento and give them ideas for shared experiments and scientific research that they can do in the classroom.

In Germany, Experimento was developed in cooperation with education experts from the TU Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), and the University of Tübingen and has been used in lessons since 2012.

The content of the Experimento program is currently being shared and taught via 15 Experimento Centers across Germany and at selected advanced training institutions.


Experimento is centered around the principle of inquiry-based learning. Our materials, which are designed to be used internationally, are complemented by the following elements in Germany:

  • Experiments that make reference to values

    The experimentation phases in Experimento | 8+ and Experimento | 10+ have been expanded with the addition of value education methods in cooperation with experts from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

  • Inclusive teaching materials 

    Experimento materials for inclusive teaching in the fifth to tenth grade have been created in partnership with the iMINT-Akademie of the Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie Berlin and the Landesinstitut für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung Sachsen-Anhalt (LISA).

  • Service learning

    Together with the Freudenberg Foundation (since 2017 with its spin-off, the Foundation for Learning through Civic Engagement), we have developed additional materials and online training on service learning in the STEM subjects based on the content of the Experimento program.

  • Materials for language-sensitive teaching Worksheets for subject teaching in English have been developed for Experimento | 8+ and Experimento | 10+ that help students get used to technical vocabulary and official or academic language.

  • Computational thinking Experimento | 10+ is being supplemented with a module on computational thinking, a method often used in computer science to help identify a problem, consider it in abstract terms, and solve it in several steps. Systematic problem-solving processes are thus being firmly embedded in STEM lessons.

Sign up with one of our partner institutions across Germany for a training course complete with certificate.

The Experimento training course adopts a blended learning (in German only) format, meaning that it includes both digital and in-person stages. In the former, you work through interactive online modules, while the latter focuses on doing experiments together. You can complete the self-learning modules online regardless of whether you are taking part in the blended learning training course.

The materials provided in the online application are OERs (Open Educational Resources), which you are welcome to download, edit, and modify for your lessons.

Project Manager Experimento Germany
Angela Clerc

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