Press Releases & News

News | Arts & Culture | 02 May 2024
“Hydrocommon Cultures”: Ecocritical projects and essays on water
The first issue of the new LA ESCUELA___ JOURNAL focuses on man's relationship with water. It brings together educational, aesthetic and ecological projects and essays with proposals for the protection of water bodies "as a place for life".
News | Social Entrepreneurship | 29 April 2024
Revolutionizing e-mobility in Kenya: Three innovative projects spearhead sustainable solutions
GIZ and Siemens Stiftung have selected three Kenyan enterprises to carry out research and development projects in the field of e-mobility. Over a period of twelve months, they will work on market-based solutions and increase their ecological, economic and social impact.
News | Social Entrepreneurship | 29 April 2024
Spotlight On… The Principles of Social Entrepreneurship
In three virtual sessions, experts lead through the topics of Impact Entrepreneurship and the Triple Bottom Line, Impact Data Generation, and Impact Story Telling.
News | Arts & Culture | 24 April 2024
LA ESCUELA___ announces the Results of the “Building Schools___Public Spaces” art and architecture competition
LA ESCUELA___ called on architects, artists and communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to submit concepts that transform public spaces into learning environments. The Colombian project CUNA, an interactive mangrove nursery, was selected.
News | Education | 24 April 2024
Forum Bildung Digitalisierung Conference – Equal opportunities in the face of the digital divide
This year's “Education Digitalization” conference will focus on pressing topics like learning culture and skills, AI and digital technologies, inclusion, and the framework needed to reduce the digital divide in schools across Germany.
News | Education | 15 April 2024
Siemens Stiftung and MINT-EC launch new health cluster to promote (mental) health through STEM lessons
Over 25 participants, including 15 teachers came together at the STEAM Hub Siemensstadt Square of the Siemens Stiftung in Berlin on April 15 and 16 to launch the new health cluster.
News | Arts & Culture | 11 April 2024
“Communal Cartographies”: Interactive Exhibition in Caracas / Venezuela  
Collaboration, weaving networks, and the bonds between art and territory: this is what the interactive project "Collective Reticuláre" by artist Miguel Braceli in collaboration with artists, Venezuelan professors and students is all about. It builds on the work of the Venezuelan-German artist Gego.
Notice | Head of Unit, General | 03 April 2024
Update from the Board of Directors
We are pleased to announce that Robert Balthasar, previously Head of Finance, Controlling and Organization, will assume the position of the Managing Director / Chief Financial Officer of Siemens Stiftung from 1 April 2024 until further notice. At the same time, the Board of Trustees have extended Dr. Nina Smidt's tenure as the Managing Director, and the Spokesperson of the Board, for a further five years.
Press release | Social Entrepreneurship, Water & Hygiene | 19 March 2024
Financially self-sustaining and inclusive social entrepreneurial approach provides access to safe water in Kenya
To mark World Water Day (March 22), Siemens Stiftung releases a new study: “Leveraging decentralized, entrepreneurial approach to safe water supply: A comprehensive study on water kiosks and their impact in rural Kenya”, highlighting the role of social enterprises in providing access to safe drinking water.
Notice | Social Entrepreneurship | 27 February 2024
Eight African sustainable solutions selected for “SESA Call for Entrepreneurs 2023”
The Smart Energy Solutions for Africa (SESA) consortium is delighted to announce the names of SMEs selected for the 2nd SESA call. Eight local enterprises from Cote D’Ivoire, Namibia, Nigeria, Ruanda, and Tanzania will drive forward access to sustainable energy solutions across Africa.