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There are many people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. At Siemens Stiftung, we want to help them – as an impact-oriented international partner.

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Together with partners, we create and implement local and international projects that support people in Africa, Latin America, and Europe.


In virtual workshops, STEM teachers from Peru and Mexico are introduced to the innovative teaching and learning method of Design Thinking.
© Siemens Stiftung, Photographer: Cristobal Saaveda

Education | 03. Feb 2021

Continuation of the project Design Thinking in STEM in Mexico and Peru

We start the workshops with our partners INNOVEC and Instituto Apoyo on February 4, 2021 with a virtual seminar in Spanish.


The STEM Education for Innovation initiative addresses the challenges of our time: from COVID-19 to climate change.
© Siemens Stiftung

Education | 14. Jan 2021

Strong in times of crisis: Initiative for STEM education in Latin America

Together with our regional and local partners, we create free digital and analogue education materials on science topics.

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Education | 29. July 2021

Education in transition: Bogotá declares itself a
STEM region

Siemens Stiftung supported the establishment of the Bogotá Territorio STEM, with the aim of creating a diverse offer for STEM education together with renowned partner organisations.

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How to tackle the climate crisis? The 3rd Conference on Education for Climate Change highlighted the role of education as key to change for sustainable development.
© Canva Pro, Photographer: halfpoint

Education | 22. July 2021

3rd International Conference on Education for Climate Change defines goals

The use of new educational methods, cross-sectoral cooperation and the expansion of networks were noted as measures to tackle the climate crisis.


Development Cooperation | 13. July 2021

Five African start-ups receive Innovation Award for e-mobility solutions

In Siemens Stiftung’s first competition in the field of electric mobility, five African social enterprises will receive prize money ranging from €10,000 to €50,000.

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Solid basis for design thinking in South Africa: Siemens Stiftung and the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town have started a cooperation in May 2021.
© HPI School of Design Thinking at the UCT (d-school), Photographer: Yazeed Kamaldien

Education | 12. July 2021

Design Thinking in STEM: Cooperation with the HPI d-school in South Africa

The HPI School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town will provide training to educators in the design thinking method and for facing the SDGs.

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© Siemens Stiftung und Stiftung Haus der kleinen Forscher, Photographer: René Arnold

Education | 1. July 2021

Better education opportunities around the globe with STEM

Get to know four inspiring people who work with us around the world, sharing what moves and motivates them, and how they came to be involved in STEM education in their countries.


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