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There are many people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. At Siemens Stiftung, we want to help them – as an impact-oriented international partner.

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Together with partners, we create and implement local and international projects that support people in Africa, Latin America, and Europe.


In virtual workshops, STEM teachers from Peru and Mexico are introduced to the innovative teaching and learning method of Design Thinking.
© Siemens Stiftung, Photographer: Cristobal Saaveda

Education | 03. Feb 2021

Continuation of the project Design Thinking in STEM in Mexico and Peru

We start the workshops with our partners INNOVEC and Instituto Apoyo on February 4, 2021 with a virtual seminar in Spanish.


The STEM Education for Innovation initiative addresses the challenges of our time: from COVID-19 to climate change.
© Siemens Stiftung

Education | 14. Jan 2021

Strong in times of crisis: Initiative for STEM education in Latin America

Together with our regional and local partners, we create free digital and analogue education materials on science topics.

Press release

General | 02. June 2021

Courage & Innovation – Siemens Stiftung’s podcast

In 15-minute conversations,
Dr. Nina Smidt joins experts from our international network in exploring inspired and inspiring innovations for sustainable development.


From practice to theory: The final training modules certify selected teachers as trainers for Design Thinking in STEM.
© Siemens Stiftung

Education | 26. May 2021

Design Thinking in STEM Rollout in Chile

Building a network of certified trainers in the Design Thinking method for STEM educators in Chile begins in May 2021.


SITIO INESPECIFICO migrates location-specific art practices to the digital realm.
© Patricio Villarreal

Culture | 27. April 2021

Art without a place: The SITIO INESPECIFICO platform creates artistic encounters in digital spaces

Latin American artists present digital works that create artistic encounters beyond physical spaces.

Press release

Education | 27. April 2021

Learning from and during the pandemic

In a guest post for Forum Bildung Digitalisierung (Forum Education Digitalization), our Managing Director Dr. Nina Smidt explains why education technologies can be an effective instrument for social justice.


Culture | 18. March 2021

CHANGING PLACES / ESPACIOS REVELADOS in Lima: next round of digital dialogs

What is the role of art and culture in public places – during the pandemic and beyond? CHANGING PLACES provides space to explore this question.


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