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Courage & Innovation – Podcast on design thinking

Liza Chong is CEO at the Danish nonprofit organization The Index Project and has been working with design thinking in the startup and education sectors for years.

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Design thinking as a teaching method supports educators in promoting creative problem-solving skills and strengthening innovation, collaboration and critical thinking.

Education | 16. December 2021

Design Thinking in STEM gets underway in Germany

The progressive approach to education is already in use in Africa and Latin America. In cooperation with the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, it is now being adapted to local education systems.

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Education | 14. December 2021

Mexico: How women and girls can enjoy equal access to STEM education

The final declaration of the National STEM Congress 2021 in Mexico “From talking to action” has been published. In focus: the access of girls and women to high-quality STEM education.


Courage & Innovation – Siemens Stiftung’s new podcast

Dr. Nina Smidt hosts experts from our international network for 15-minute conversations about inspired and inspiring innovations for sustainable development.

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Education | 27. October 2021

Science with a pink rabbit

Teaching in a completely different way! Facundo Mercado Sandoval and his fictional persona Facu bring STEM education to preschool and elementary school children in Chilean Patagonia – until close to Antarctica.

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Development Cooperation | December 2020

Environmental Impact of E-Mobility in the Lake Victoria Region, Western Kenya

The new study seeks to establish the potential of Greenhouse Gas abatement in addition to any other environmental benefits accruing from the adoption of e-mobility. The findings have led to three fundamental recommendations.

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Education | November 2020

Climate Change Education in Latin America

This brochure reflects the joint commitment of Siemens Stiftung and its partner organizations and includes best-practice approaches in STEM and climate change education.

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Development Cooperation | October 2020

Social Enterprises as Job Creators in Africa

The comprehensive study by Siemens Stiftung and GIZ examines how social entrepreneurship can create jobs in 12 African countries between 2020 and 2030. Study – Part I: Main Report.

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