Stories & Interviews

There are plenty of people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. Here you’ll hear from our project cooperation partners, network members, and participants in addition to experts in fields that motivate us and make a difference in society.

Interview | Education | 28 May 2024
“Mind the Gap!” – How to achieve educational equity in the digital world
Digital media and AI offer great potential for teaching and learning, but do not automatically change educational opportunities. To enable equitable participation, a shift in mindset is required. How this can be achieved was the topic at the German KonfBD24 conference.
Interview | Education | 11 February 2024
#Bildungswende: «We want children to become active shapers of their future!»
«We want children to become active shapers of their future!» Videocast with Prof. Dr. Reiss and Dr. Smidt In the #Bildungswende (educational turnaround) videocast, our Managing Director Dr. Nina Smidt and Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss, renowned education expert and long-serving head of the PISA program in Germany, discuss the future of education with David Neil Read More
Insight | 09 January 2024
Partnerships and ecosystems make entrepreneurship sustainable in the long run
Dr. Nina Smidt, Managing Director, and Spokesperson of the Board at Siemens Stiftung visited Ghana in June 2023 and met entrepreneurs the foundation has been working with over the last few years. She wrote this article for the Founders Factory Africa.
Insight | Arts & Culture | 29 December 2023
The power of networking for business and sustainable development
From November 9 to 11, 2023, over 1,200 participants from 40 countries gathered at the ACCES Conference in Tanzania. In this article, Siemens Stiftung provides an insight into one of the largest networking events for the African music industry.
Insight | Social Entrepreneurship | 18 December 2023
Foundations as Catalysts for Resilience
As representatives of civil society, foundations are particularly well suited to forging partnerships and providing testing grounds for new solutions that enable sustainable social development in our fast-changing world. An article by our board member Dr. Nina Smidt.
Insight | Education | 13 October 2023
UNESCO Digital Learning Week 2023
Under the motto “Steering technology for education”, the DLW brought together over 1,000 participants from 45 countries to discuss the transformative power of digital platforms and generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of education. Siemens Stiftung representatives attended the event – here are a few of the insights we gained.
Interview | 12 October 2023
Caring for our Planet: Climate change education and workforce development are vital to our future
Climate change and the subsequent environmental degradation are accelerating at a rapid pace, adversely impacting millions of lives around the globe. Insights into the commitment of Siemens Stiftung and Siemens Foundation USA.
Interview | Social Entrepreneurship | 23 August 2023
Sustainable development through technical innovations
Iana Aranda, President of Engineering For Change, talks about inspiring examples from the startup scene, the relevance of international cooperation and the impact of social enterprises.
Insight | 29 June 2023
“Good intentions and high ambitions are no guarantee for success”
To share learnings and reflect with experts from other multistakeholder initiatives, a panel discussion has been organized and recorded in April 2023. The aim: to discuss, how collaboration in development cooperation can be successful.
Interview | 20 June 2023
Our Guiding Principle is Working Together
How can our foundation work achieve the greatest possible impact? An interview with Dr. Nina Smidt and Klaus Grünfelder about Siemens Stiftung’s adapted strategy and why learning and creating together are crucial to this.