Background Stories & Interviews

There are plenty of people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. Here you’ll hear from our project cooperation partners, network members, and participants in addition to experts in fields that motivate us and make a difference in society.

Interview | Education | 13. September 2021
Even the smallest collaboration creates great cohesion
Teaching in the Pandemic: Emma Janelle UC Artigas on digital platforms and the unwavering will to keep teaching.
Interview | Education | 13. September 2021
When creativity sparks curiosity even digitally
The pandemic turned María Vargas Fernández's life upside down: From one day to the next, kindergarten classes moved online.
Interview | Education | 13. September 2021
The joy of seeing children grow and succeed
Irene del Carmen Santos Cruz’s solution to the problem facing many of her students: the lack of a device to take part in the digital lessons during the pandemic.
Interview | Education | 13. September 2021
No internet, no cell reception: Teaching in a mobile classroom
Selene Esparza teaches the children of migrant workers in Mexico. How does distance learning work without internet access and cell phone reception?
Interview | Education | 1. July 2021
Better education opportunities around the globe with STEM
Four inspiring people who work with us around the world, share what moves and motivates them, and how they came to be involved in STEM education in their countries.
Background story | Education | 6. July 2020
Sustainable by design: pursuing the SDGs through Design Thinking
How can Design Thinking, a method for user-centric design and problem solving, enrich classroom lessons? Teachers and students from South Africa share their experiences.
Background story | Arts & Culture | 15. May 2020
“Journal Rappé:” Social criticism wrapped in hip-hop
Post-colonialism, environmental topics, and development in Africa – just some of the issues addressed in ten episodes of “Journal Rappé,” which were presented at Munich Biennale 2020.
Background story | Head of Unit | 31. March 2020
Dr. Nathalie von Siemens: Thank you for 7 ½ years of working with the foundation
After 7 ½ years, Dr. Nathalie von Siemens is stepping down from her role as Managing Director at Siemens Stiftung. Colleagues reflect on their time together.
Interview | Social Entrepreneurship | 30. March 2020
Full speed ahead! – One year of WeTu in Kenya
Our social enterprise, WeTu, is celebrating its one-year anniversary in Kenya. What challenges did the company face when it was founded? What has been accomplished so far? What is next in the water, energy, and e-mobility segments?
Interview | Education | 27. February 2020
Open Educational Resources: A new culture of sharing
All teaching materials are now available on the Siemens Stiftung media portal as Open Educational Resources (OER) and can be downloaded free of charge. But how can educators put them to use? An interview with Corinna Hartung.