Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations Joining forces for sustainable social development

Siemens Stiftung is part of the Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations comprising seven Siemens corporate foundations. Together they are creating greater impact for sustainable development, driven by a shared mission: To empower individuals to shape their lives and actively participate in fostering sustainable societal development at local and international levels. They pursue an integral approach to form synergies in educational, social and cultural initiatives.

The alliance comprises Siemens foundations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, and the US – each working for their national projects. Siemens Stiftung, headquartered in Germany, works internationally. While affiliated with the Siemens company, each foundation acts independently. The Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations is rooted in the principles of responsible corporate governance and the values upheld by Siemens.

As an internationally operative foundation, Siemens Stiftung has aligned its activities to show perspectives concerning global societal challenges. It has developed its portfolio by focusing on three key themes Access to Essential Services, Connected Societies, and Climate & Sustainability to bring the greatest possible benefit for society. In these areas, it finds synergies with all the other Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations members, each working in their national and regional contexts to further the transformations required to tackle these challenges.

To strengthen sustainable social development the Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations cooperates on: 

  • Sharing of know-how, experience, and best practice
  • Realizing projects together for greater impact
  • Enabling replication of successful programs
  • Fostering spaces for dialog and intersectoral collaboration to mobilize innovative initiatives, with a specific emphasis on promoting quality education that contributes to equity and social transformation

International STEM networks

In the Red STEM Latinoamérica network, Fundación Siemens Argentina, Fundação Siemens Brazil, Fundación Siemens Colombia, and Siemens Stiftung collaborate with academic institutions, government representatives, and civil society members to foster quality STEMplus education in Latin America. Combining specialized knowledge with 21st century skills. Currently, the Red STEM network initiated by Siemens Stiftung comprises over 180 partners.

STEM programs and resources

The international STEM program Experimento promotes inquiry-based learning about the environment, energy, and health. It is implemented across Latin America by the foundations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and through the Red STEM Latinoamérica network. Additionally, Siemens Stiftung also carries out the program across schools in Africa and Germany. All Spanish learning materials can be found as Open Educational Resources on the joint education platform CREA.

Joint conferences and publications

Dr. Nina Smidt, CEO, international Siemens Stiftung, and David Etzwiler, CEO, Siemens Foundation, USA spoke at the panel “Transformative minds: Fostering a green workforce through STEM Education” at the mEducation Alliance Symposium in Washington in 2023. Together both the CEOs provided insights into their projects on climate change education and green workforce development highlighting synergies and commitment toward the larger goal of climate and sustainability.

Siemens Stiftung (international)

  • Established in 2008
  • Headquarters: Munich
  • Further offices: Berlin, Erlangen, and Santiago de Chile 
  • CEO: Dr. Nina Smidt; CFO: Klaus Grünfelder
  • Portfolio: International programs that support Access to Essential Services, Connected Societies, and Climate & Sustainability with focus on countries in Africa, Europe, and Latin America

Together for sustainable social development

Learn more on our international networks and projects in about 30 countries worldwide.

Siemens Fundación Argentina

  • Established in 2009  
  • Headquarters: Buenos Aires  
  • CEO: Pablo Aldrovandi 
  • Portfolio: Programs that contribute to STEAM and technical education as well as develop technological solutions that ensure access to basic services in vulnerable communities
The “Solid Edge for Social Impact” project, which is part of our “STEM Education for Innovation” initiative, strengthens technical education in secondary schools with a special focus on digital skills and international certifications on technical-digital knowledge.
© Siemens Fundación Argentina

Fundação Siemens Brazil

  • Established in 1986 
  • Headquarters: São Paulo, Jundiaí   
  • CEO: Bianca Bozon Moreira Talassi  
  • Portfolio: Educational programs to support STEAM Education, Health Education and Productive Inclusion
Fundação Siemens contributes with professional education and behavioral skills development to youngsters from neglected groups in line with its strategy of social change.
© Fundação Siemens

Fundación Siemens Colombia

  • Established in 2006  
  • Headquarters: Bogotá
  • CEO: Mr. Virgilio Díaz, Eliacid Heredia
  • Portfolio: Programs that contribute to equity, peace, and sustainable development in Colombia
Siemens Fundación and Siemens Stiftung have jointly committed to strengthening "STEM+ Territories" in Colombia that bring together various stakeholders from the educational and political fields.
© Fundación Siemens Colombia

Siemens Fonden Denmark

  • Established in 1964
  • Headquarters: Copenhagen
  • Secretary: Karina Lødrup
  • Portfolio: Programs supporting education and research within the natural sciences in Denmark

Siemens Fonden annually awards scholarships for new studies in the fields of technology and natural sciences.
© Siemens Fonden Denmark

Siemens Fondation France

  • Established in 2002 
  • Headquarters: La Défense/Paris
  • CEO: Doris Birkhofer
  • Portfolio: STEM education programs in France promoting a deeper understanding of societal and ecological challenges through creation and programming
In the "Connect'it" program of "Le Cube Garges," children enhance their comprehension of global challenges by designing and coding innovative items that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.
© Siemens Fondation

Siemens Foundation (USA)

  • Established in 1998
  • Headquarters: Washington D.C.  
  • CEO: David D. Etzwiler  
  • Portfolio: Programs with focus on inclusive workforce development, health equity, and climate

Siemens Foundation’s initiative "EVeryone Charging Forward™" drives inclusive workforce development in the electric vehicle charging sector.
© Siemens USA

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