Siemens has seven independent foundations around the world, all integrated into the Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations. The Siemens foundations in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, France, and the US work at national level, while Siemens Stiftung, with its head office in Germany, works internationally. We collaborate on a number of projects using an integrative approach and generate synergy effects locally and internationally.

  • USA: Siemens Foundation


    • Established in 1998
    • Dedicated to promote educational outreach in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the United States
    • Supports educational initiatives by engaging and recognizing outstanding students and educators


  • Brazil: Fundação Siemens


    • Established in 1986 in São Paulo
    • Contribute to Brazil’s development as a social transforming agent
    • Initiatives focused on improvement of educational system and promotion of innovative basic technologies use


  • Argentina: Fundación Siemens


    • Established in 2009 in Buenos Aires
    • Supports projects in the areas of education, basic needs, art, culture, social welfare assistance and environment


  • Colombia: Fundación Siemens


    • Established in 2006 in Bogotá
    • Supports projects that improve basic needs, support MINT education and strengthen social organizations
    • Promotes sustainable development in Colombia


  • France: Siemens Fondation


    • Established in 2002 in St. Denis near Paris
    • Focused on the social integration of disadvantaged people through health and housing programs


  • Danmark: Siemensfonden


    • Established in 1964 in Kopenhagen
    • Scholarships for bachelor and master theses in natural sciences and engineering

  • Germany: Siemens Stiftung


    • Established in 2009 in Munich
    • Projects in the fields Development Cooperation & Social Entrepreneurship, Education, and Culture
    • International work with focus on countries in Africa, Latin America, and Europe


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