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STEM education
for a sustainable future

We are committed to STEM education that promotes 21st century skills and a sustainable future.

In a world increasingly shaped by technology, STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) play a central role. To positively shape the evolving changes around us, we trust the STEMplus approach. It is an interdisciplinary approach that combines specialized knowledge with the competencies of the 21st century. Together with our partners, we implement STEM education projects and networks that give children and young people hands-on experience, promote creative thinking, intercultural understanding, and open new horizons for them. This creates a basis for active participation and individual solutions to global challenges.

Key areas

STEM + Climate:
For holistic climate change education

To counter climate change, we need to rethink our approach at the societal, ecological, and economic levels. With our projects, we promote Climate Change Education, that helps make the complexity of the issue tangible, stabilize the environment around us, and strengthen resilience against the consequences of climate change.

STEM + Digitality:
For a future-oriented learning culture​

Digitalization is changing our society and as a result also teaching and learning experiences. With Open Educational Resources and teachers training seminars, we support a shift in thinking toward a culture of digitality. After all, skills such as creativity, collaboration, communications, and critical thinking need to be acquired both analogously and digitally.  

STEM + Health:
For healthy people and planet​

Individual health is closely intertwined with the health of the immediate living environment as well as that of our planet. Our educational programs promote an understanding of this holistic approach so that teachers and students can take responsibility for their health and that of their fellow human beings and the environment.


We are enhancing skills for the 21st century through STEM projects and international networks.
By providing continuing education opportunities for educators and high-quality teaching and learning materials, currently in 13 countries all over the world, we are making a genuine, concrete contribution to high-quality STEM lessons that are accessible to everyone along the entire education chain. We are involved in international education networks that are bringing together different countries and disciplines, harnessing innovative ideas on a global scale.


Working in a tight-knit network of partners, we develop ideas and impulses for a systemic transformation of the education system.
Education that has an impact and brings about genuine change can only succeed if it is delivered in an open, dynamic partnership. This is why we work together with over 100 NGOs, governments, universities, and educational institutions from many countries all over the world..

STEM education for sustainable development - find out more!


Forum Bildung Digitalisierung Conference – Equal opportunities in the face of the digital divide


Siemens Stiftung and MINT-EC launch new health cluster to promote (mental) health through STEM lessons


Climate Change Education in Latin America
The brochure describes the joint efforts that the foundation and its partner organizations are engaged in for the STEM cause. It is intended to encourage Latin American and international stakeholders in the education sector to make climate change education an integral part of their education agendas.

OECD Lernkompass 2030

Welche Kompetenzen Schüler*innen für eine robuste und erfolgreiche Entwicklung 2030 benötigen, beschreibt der OECD Lernkompass 2030 als dynamisches Rahmenkonzept für das Lernen. Die Siemens Stiftung hat als Teil der deutschen Arbeitsgruppe im internationalen OECD-Projekt an der Publikation mitgewirkt.

Project portals

In the Siemens Stiftung Media Portal, teachers will find some 3,200 Open Educational Resources in German and English that they can incorporate into varied and exciting STEM lessons. Numerous advanced training seminars and a dedicated student area round out the offerings.

Media Portal

This website introduces the work being done by Siemens Stiftung’s regional office in Latin America and provides an insight into the Red STEM Latinoamérica network, which comprises is made up of more than 85 education stakeholders from the public and private sectors and is committed to ensuring strong STEM teaching across the continent.

Educación STEM Latinoamérica

The Spanish-language education portal CREA provides 1,300 items of open-license STEM media that have been developed and made available by Siemens Stiftung and prestigious network partners such as the nonprofit organization INNOVEC and the Office for Climate Education.


Background Stories & Interviews


#Bildungswende: «We want children to become active shapers of their future!»


UNESCO Digital Learning Week 2023


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