Providing skills for responsible societal involvement

As the ones who convey the lessons of conscientious societal involvement, educators have an important role to play.
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In advanced training seminars, we provide ideas and propose methods for high-quality STEM lessons.
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Our education program Experimento provides teaching and learning materials on the environment, energy, and health.
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With Open Educational Resources (OER), we see a chance to provide as many people as possible with a good education.
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Just a click away: Our Media Portal contains quality-checked worksheets, instructions, and methods.
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Curiosity has no limits. Not only is it the key to science and technology, but also for open coexistence and creativity.
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How does a lung work? Understanding scientific interrelationships does not require expensive models.
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Stronger together: For us, good education extends extends beyond knowledge to include values and behavior.
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To strengthen STEM education, we form international education partnerships and are active in forums and associations.
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Quality education is a global prerequisite for individual development and participation in society. In a technology-driven world, understanding scientific and technological interrelationships is paramount for responsible societal involvement. That is why we are actively involved in forums and associations advocating for stronger science and technology education. Our international education program, Experimento, provides educators with practical training and continuing education opportunities as well as high-quality teaching and learning materials. The training and materials help educators craft a modern science and technology education that is based on discovery-based learning. The educational materials are freely available on our Media Portal in digital form to provide all pupils with equal support. Our engagement bundles discovery-based learning with value-building activities, helping to shape a socially oriented, strong character.

Topics of working area education

Overview of all education projects

As a hands-on foundation, we work together with international partners to develop concepts and programmes for high-quality MINT education along the entire educational chain, from kindergarten to school leaving examination.

International networks and cooperations

Cooperation with local and regional actors is essential in order to strengthen the STEM subjects, promote value creation and creativity and anchor them in the education system in a sustainable manner. We therefore cooperate with governments, universities and numerous educational institutions in twelve countries worldwide. The respective names can be found on the project pages or on the list of cooperation partners.

Better education opportunities around the globe with STEM – insights into our international education work

Around the world, there are many people working toward strengthening STEM education. In NGOs, businesses, foundations, or institutions involved in issues such as sustainable development, health, and climate protection, they are fully engaged in the active pursuit of better STEM education. We’ve gathered perspectives from inspiring people who work with us around the world.

OECD Learning Compass 2030

Global vision for the future of education

How can we prepare students for societal challenges that we cannot yet imagine? What do they need to thrive in an interconnected world where they need to understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views, interact respectfully with others, and take responsible action toward sustainability and collective well-being? In a one-of-a-kind collaboration, we are working with policymakers and a range of social and civic groups on the OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 project. The project led to a learning framework called the OECD Learning Compass 2030, which seeks to collaboratively shape the future of education.

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