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Press release | Education | 26. May 2021
Train the trainer: Design Thinking in STEM permanently integrated in Chile
Design Thinking in STEM, a collaboration between Siemens Stiftung and Denmark’s The Index Project organization, enters a new phase in 2021 with the permanent integration of Design Thinking in STEM into classroom lessons in Chile.
News | Education | 9. February 2021
Visions for German society in 2030
In the new book “Zukunftsrepublik” from Campus, Dr. Nina Smidt, Managing Director at Siemens Stiftung, shares her perspectives on STEM education of the future.
News | Education | 3. February 2021
The project Design Thinking in STEM continues in Mexico and Peru
Siemens Stiftung and The Index Project continue their collaborative project to encourage creativity and innovation in the classroom.
Press release | Education | 14. January 2021
Stronger together in times of crisis: Expansive initiative for STEM education in Latin America
Siemens Stiftung joins its partner network in developing digital and analog education materials for selected STEM subjects. The initiative is supported by Siemens AG, Siemens Caring Hands e. V., and the German Federal Foreign Office.
Press release | Education | 25. November 2020
Climate change education in Latin America: Siemens Stiftung’s multidisciplinary contribution toward sustainable development in science and technology education
Siemens Stiftung's new publication highlights best practice approaches from the foundation and its partner organizations for embedding climate change education in the curriculum.
Press release | Education | 28. October 2020
Siemens Stiftung provides online vocational orientation courses with the atingi e-learning platform
Siemens Stiftung is working with the atingi e-learning platform to provide digital learning content for vocational orientation free of charge. The materials are designed for young people in Africa who are about to finish school.
News | Education | 14. October 2020
Siemens Stiftung welcomes its first German Chancellor Fellow from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
On 1 October 2020, doctoral candidate Gustavo Oliviera Pugliese begins his Alexander von Humboldt Foundation German Chancellor Fellowship for future leaders at Siemens Stiftung.
Press release | Education | 16. September 2020
Framework for the future of education: OECD Learning Compass 2030
What competencies do students need in a networked world? The OECD Learning Compass 2030 provides an important framework – now available in German.
News | Development Cooperation, Education | 20. March 2020
World Water Day 2020: Our contribution to water and climate protection
The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “water and climate change.” A rundown of our efforts in this area to drive sustainable development around the world.
Press release | Education | 27. February 2020
“STEM and Values” in Bavaria: Creating and sharing a sense of responsiblity
The Wertebündnis Bayern alliance advocates for increased integration of values in STEM lessons to promote democracy, a sense of community, and responsibility.
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