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Notice | Education | 12 February 2024
#Bildungswende: «We want children to become active shapers of their future!»
«We want children to become active shapers of their future!» Videocast with Prof. Dr. Reiss and Dr. Smidt In the #Bildungswende (educational turnaround) videocast, our Managing Director Dr. Nina Smidt and Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss, renowned education expert and long-serving head of the PISA program in Germany, discuss the future of education with David Neil
Press release | Education | 23 January 2024
Advancing teaching proficiency, education equity, and future-proofing students for the 21st century: STEMplus
On the International Education Day, Siemens Stiftung promotes the holistic STEMplus approach that equips students with deductive skills, preparing them to navigate a future underlined by unforeseen technological advancement, societal challenges, and climate extremes. It also opens teachers’ access to high-quality learning resources and improves their competencies.
News | Education | 18 December 2023
Honing skills for a digital and sustainable economy
Together with the Ghanaian Ministry of Education, we are offering advanced training on the Arduino open source platform to teachers in Ghana. Interactive methods specifically promote an understanding of electronics and programming in the classroom.
News | Education | 15 December 2023
Spaces where ideas grow: STEAM Spaces in São Paulo
In the context of the STEAM Region São Paulo, new spaces for research and project-based learning were inaugurated at four schools. An online course provides fundamentals to strengthen a STEM maker culture in other schools.
News | Education | 14 December 2023
“Education in transition”: Hidden Movers Award and panel discussion
Dr. Nina Smidt participated in a podium discussion at the Deloitte Foundation's Hidden Movers Award which brought together experts from the foundation sector to debate the future of Education in the digital age in an intensive panel discussion.
News | Education | 28 November 2023
Signing of the Santiago Declaration: Red STEM Latinoamérica sets pioneering goals for 2024
The third meeting of the Latin American education network Red STEM Latinoamérica took place in Santiago de Chile from November 21-23. Education stakeholders from across Latin America participated and developed a roadmap to drive educational innovation through quality STEM education to encourage responsible and resilient citizens.
Press release | Education | 20 November 2023
Make@thon “Energized for the future”: School students receive prizes for their energy solutions
At the Make@thon "Energized for the Future", students developed creative solutions for the energy sector. At the award ceremony on November 17, 2023 at the STEAM Hub Siemensstadt Square in Berlin Spandau, 3 teams received a prize. (In German)
Notice | Education | 06 November 2023
PHINEO awards the impact our STEM + Climate projects
Through educational materials, training programs, and international networks, we promote climate change education that empowers young people to actively participate in shaping a sustainable future. The non-profit organization PHINEO has recognized the effectiveness of our efforts with an impact seal (“Wirkt-Siegel”).
Notice | Education | 23 October 2023
UNESCO Digital Learning Week 2023
Under the motto “Steering technology for education”, the DLW brought together over 1,000 participants from 45 countries to discuss the transformative power of digital platforms and generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of education. Siemens Stiftung representatives attended the event – here are a few of the insights we gained.
Notice | Education | 18 October 2023
Participate: STEM Make@thon “Energizing the Future”
Following the successful Make@thon "Sustainable Textiles" in June 2023, registration is now open for the next challenge: From 7-17 November 2023, students from the 9th grade upwards are once again invited to the Make@thon "Energizing the future" at the MINT Hub of the Siemens Stiftung in Siemensstadt Square.