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Press release | Social Entrepreneurship, Education | 3. November 2022
Bridging the learning gap through digital STEM education using social entrepreneurial solution
Siemens Stiftung and BLUETOWN launch the AccessSTEM project to enable access to high-quality open educational resources in semi-urban Ghana.
News | Education | 13. October 2022
Vocational orientation readies students for future skills in Ghana
At educataGhana international education exhibition, Rebecca Ottmann from Siemens Stiftung highlighted the importance of vocational education to prepare students and young adults in future skills.
News | Education | 12. October 2022
IDoS peers pledge to deepen cooperation on innovative early STEM education
The first-ever peer meeting of the International Dialogue on STEM Education convened in Berlin to strengthen the international network and promote innovative early learning in schools worldwide.
Press release | Social Entrepreneurship, Education | 26. September 2022
Calling Smart Energy Solutions in Ghana, Malawi, Morocco and South Africa
Siemens Stiftung on behalf of the Smart Energy Solutions for Africa consortium is launching its first “Call for Entrepreneurs”, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on sustainable energy solutions.
News | Education | 16. September 2022
Combatting Global Education Challenges Through Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration
To mark the 15th anniversary of Design Thinking and the launch of the first-ever "Global Design Thinking" Challenge, Christine Niewöhner from Siemens Stiftung delivered a keynote on “Education as a Global Challenge".
Press release | Education | 8. September 2022
STEAM Hub Siemensstadt Square promotes Growth Mindset – Announcement: Make@thon “Mobility of Tomorrow” for Young People in Berlin
With projects such as Make@thons, we work with partners in the MINT Hub Siemensstadt Square to promote high-quality STEM education from daycare centers to secondary school.
News | Education | 2. September 2022
REDECANEDU furthers STEM Learning, Diversity and Remote Education
Dr. Nina Smidt delivered a keynote on STEM learning and educational innovation in Latin American at the REDECANEDU congress.
News | Education | 11. August 2022
Global Design Thinking Challenge for Sustainable Learning in Schools
HPI School of Design Thinking and the Global Design Thinking Alliance bring the first ever Global Design Thinking Challenge from 8 September – 14 October 2022.
News | Education | 27. July 2022
Innovative Global Action on STEM Education to Drive Sustainable Transformation
On Earth Overshoot Day, we have compiled an outline of our latest teaching and innovative learning materials on climate change education in STEM subjects.
News | Education, General | 12. July 2022
Siemens Stiftung and Siemens Caring Hands e.V. support psychosocial emergency aid for Ukrainian children and teenagers
With a joint donation, Siemens Caring Hands e.V. and Siemens Stiftung are supporting the non-profit organization “krisenchat”, which offers young people from Ukraine immediate psychosocial help.