Our Mission
Together, we drive change:
For a sustainable future

As a non-profit foundation, Siemens Stiftung is committed to sustainable social development. We focus on three topic areas: Access to Essential Services, Connected Societies, and Climate & Sustainability.

We adopt a proactive approach to shaping the transformations required to tackle these challenges. By working with partners from the fields of Education, Social Entrepreneurship, and Arts & Culture, we reinforce collective learning and locally based, sustainable structures. Our projects and networks center around Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Our topic areas

Access to
Essential Services

Access to essential services is fundamental to life and plays a crucial role in development going forward. Our efforts therefore focus on supporting individuals and organizations striving to enhance existing supply systems. Our priority areas are geared to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including sustainable energy, e-mobility, along with water and sanitation. We collaborate with social enterprises, public institutions and key players in education and civil society to reach communities in underserved regions. Together with our partners, our shared vision is to strengthen communities and enable sustainable development.


We create spaces for mutual learning and knowledge transfer with the aim of enabling participation and promoting equal opportunities. We facilitate interdisciplinary connections across borders, drawing on ideas and substantial approaches from our key areas of Social Entrepreneurship, Education, and Arts & Culture. Through our national and international networks and projects, we promote innovative and inclusive learning, while cultivating a culture of digitalization that combines the strengths of the digital and analog worlds in meaningful ways.

Climate &

Protecting and preserving the planet for future generations requires cross-sectoral collaborations and a move toward holistic, sustainable practices that combine social, ecological, and economic objectives. We strive to drive this necessary process of transformation through climate change education, cultural initiatives, and social entrepreneurship. Together with our partners, we want to step forward into the future not only by reducing negative impacts on ecosystems but also by strengthening regenerative practices and resilience.

Hands-on approach

Together with partners, we develop local solutions to global challenges.



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