Experimento in Peru

Encouraging personal initiative

Every object has its own sound. This experiment connects the fields of music and physics.
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Teacher Rosa Tumay explains the experiment. Afterwards, it’s the students’ turn.
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“I can’t see anything.” – “Take the magnifying glass!” Students in Urubamba examine particles in water.
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Experimento has already reached more than 22,000 children through the program “Ciencias para todos.”
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“Have fun and learn!” – The experiments encourage teamwork and independent thinking.
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“Look at the bubbles!” – Students in Chilca explain an experiment to Nathalie von Siemens that proves the existence of air.
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In Piura, Gran Lima, the Urubamba valley, and the southern part of Peru, there are a number of continuing education opportunities for teachers.
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  • Experimento implemented since 2013, mostly in primary schools and through extracurricular activities
  • Teacher training opportunities in the Piura, Gran Lima, and Urubamba valley regions in addition to the southern part of Peru
  • Evolved into the program “Ciencias para todos – Experimento”
  • Emphasis on implementing creative, cultural, and artistic elements into STEM education
  • Training for about 1,170 educators
  • Around 97,000* children reached

* The number assumes that every instructed kindergarten or elementary school teacher shares the knowledge 5 times with one group or class, and a subject teacher shares it 5 times with two classes.

»Experimento nurtures the personal initiative. Teachers don’t dictate - they guide, encourage, and inspire.«

Landes­spezifische Adaptionen

  • Ciencia para todos – ExperimentoInstituto APOYO adapted Experimento for primary schools to meet the specifications of the national curriculum, adding its own content to create an expanded version of the program: “Ciencias para todos – Experimento.” The educational resources are available for download in the Centro de Recursos Educativos Abiertos (CREA) of Siemens Stiftung.
  • STEAM: Implementing creative, cultural, and artistic elementsUniversidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia has introduced STEM education as a continuing education program for teachers and has offered a certification program since 2018. In addition, the university provides creative, extracurricular STEM workshops for students from kindergarten through middle school on a wide range of subjects. Their program “Diviértete y aprende” (“Have fun and learn”) is special for creating a deliberate link between science and technology (Experimento) content and creative, cultural, and artistic aspects – building bridges to other disciplines in a way that shows how holistic and imaginative science and technology can be.

More information on the STEM Network, the role of individual partners, and current news and events can be found on our Spanish microsite for Experimento in Latin America.

Head of Siemens Stiftung
Regional Office
Ulrike Wahl

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Directora General
Instituto APOYO
Mayte Morales

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Head of pre-university at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Hugo Antonio Flores Liñán

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