Experimento in Colombia

STEM education as a social launchpad

Media Técnica is a good reason to stay in school! Hands-on learning creates opportunities in industry and business.
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A light-bulb moment: Students at the vocational school in Valle Jullos about switch systems with hands-on exercises.
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Can you hear my heart beat? Experiments awakens curiosity in students in Valle de Tenjo.
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What happens in a heartbeat? Collaborative experimenting calls for teamwork.
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Teacher Sandra Munevar remains in the background during the experiments, only getting involved if the students get stuck.
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  • Experimento | 4+, | 8+ and |10+ has been implemented in primary and secondary schools since 2011
  • Deployed at schools in many regions of Colombia, including Medellín and the rural communities of the Antioquia department, in addition to education institutions in the capital.
  • Important element of the City of Medellín’s Territorio STEM+H STEM region, which seeks to improve STEM education along the entire education chain
  • Emphasis on comprehensive STEM education as well as social development and integration
  • Integrated into related networks and committees
  • Advanced training for around 2,150* educators across the country so far
  • Around 239,000* children reached

* The number assumes that every instructed kindergarten or elementary school teacher shares the knowledge 5 times with one group or class, and a subject teacher shares it 5 times with two classes.

Country-specific developments

  • Curricular adaptation Experimento training courses for primary and secondary school teachers have been adapted to meet country-specific curricular needs.
  • Experimento | 10+ modules integrated into the curriculum of technology-focused secondary education in Medellín With “Media Técnica” practical experiments in a variety of subjects have been coupled with specific professional use-cases, such as electrical engineering for technical professions. Media Técnica graduates in Medellín receive a certificate enabling them to enter a technical profession or attend university.
  • Community center STEM education in Antioquia department At more than 80 community centers in the region, Experimento is part of educational opportunities offered by local schools. Teachers can borrow materials and exchange ideas on modern, hands-on STEM education. Training courses are coordinated at these centers, which also help build networks.
  • Experimento hygiene experiments in rural development projects Fundación Siemens Colombia works with a variety of institutions on rural development. This includes collaboration with Fundación EPM (the foundation of the utility company Empresas Públicas de Medellín) on providing drinking water to rural schools in the Antioquia region. This includes addressing the subject of hygiene using information from the education program Experimento.

More information on the STEM Network, the role of individual partners, and current news and events can be found on our Spanish microsite for Experimento in Latin America.


National Partners

Head of Siemens Stiftung Regional Office
Ulrike Wahl

+56 9 61 76 70 41

Manager fundación Siemens Colombia
María Natalia García de Castro