What PANORAMA SUR wants to achieve

  • Network the cultural scenes in Latin America

    The four-week program of PANORAMA SUR provides a space for dialog and reflection. It intensifies the collaboration between artists from Latin American countries with their structurally different cultural scenes and enables them to network with the international theater scene.

  • Develop expertise in the performing arts sector

    With international workshops, seminars and master classes, PANORAMA SUR offers aspiring young artists and other people in the cultural sector in Latin America the opportunity to jointly reflect on artistic and theater practices and their role in society, as well as to experiment with new approaches.

  • Provide a space for a Latin American dialog

    The working platform is not a hermetically sealed space, but aims to have a general impact on society. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences among Latin American countries and focuses on helping them develop their own potential.

PANORAMA SUR as a collaborative project

PANORAMA SUR is a program of Siemens Stiftung and THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano, an independent, artist-based organization for the promotion of contemporary theater in Latin America founded especially for this purpose. The PANORAMA SUR network of partners consists of: Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires, Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) – Fundación Costantini, IUNA – Departamento de Artes del Movimiento, Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires, TACEC – Teatro Argentino, INAE/Dirección Nacional de Cultura Uruguay, MEC and Siemens Fundación Argentina. PANORAMA SUR has been able to welcome additional partners each year.