Project closed | Project period: 2009–2013

KiTec – Children Discover Technology

Building sets for elementary school children

Elementary school children working with KiTec materials.
© Siemens Stiftung

Why doesn’t the Eiffel Tower fall over in a storm? What makes a bridge strong enough so heavy trucks can drive over it? How does the steering work in a car? With KiTec – Children Discover Technology, a child’s thirst for knowledge and scientific curiosity is supported. The KiTec sets for the classroom were developed by the TransferCenter for Neuroscience and Learning (ZNL) in Ulm together with an educational chair for technology and didactics. KiTec consisted of three sets of varying tools and materials.

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Project period:

2009–2013 (closed)

The goal of KiTec was to impart technical skills on elementary school children through building and handiwork, with an emphasis on the independent use of the sets’ contents. The concept foresaw that elementary school teachers would take part in an initial training session on how to work with the building sets, which were then provided free of charge to the schools. The key component was of course the implementation of the tasks during lessons. A cooperative agreement spanning one year between the school and Siemens Stiftung showed a desire for sustainability and increased the verifiability of learning success.

Interested elementary school teachers took part in training seminars and learned how to work with the sets, which they then passed on to their pupils. After completing their “Tool Certification”, elementary school children could work in teams at various workstations in the fields of civil, automotive, and electrical engineering. The course and sets that were later made available to the schools were free.

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Project Manager KiTec
Werner Busch
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