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Project independent  |  Projektzeitraum: 2010-2014


International academy for the performing arts

PANORAMA SUR – A lively network for artistic exchange

The effort to establish this platform began in 2010 when the “Escena Sur” pilot project was initiated and organized jointly by the Siemens Stiftung and THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano. In the following years, the theater academy expanded into an international working platform for the performing arts.

Its aim is to intensify the collaboration among artists from culturally diverse Latin American countries and to promote the links to the international theater scene. In the future, the platform will be managed by THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano together with its partner institutions.

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The fourth international theater academy took place 2013 in Argentina.

In 2013, PANORAMA SUR organized for the fourth time a lively forum for exchanging artistic knowledge in Argentina. With international guest performances and presentations, the intensive 3-week program not only gave participants the opportunity to attain various qualifications, but also provided young writers with a creative environment for developing new plays as part of an intercultural dialog.

Ever since its first event, PANORAMA SUR has looked at reality beyond standard representation. The aim oft he latest event was to reflect on the "theatrical space" and its anchoring in society.

The platform, which Siemens Stiftung and THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano built into a strong network of local and international organizations over a three-year period, has been supplemented since 2012 with a Goethe-Institut excellence program, which includes a grant program for writers in Latin American countries, among other offers. 


Maricel Alvarez (AR), Cynthia Edul (AR), Christiane Jatahy (BR), Cuqui Jerez (ES), Santiago Loza (AR), Mapa Teatro (CO), Fernando Ocampo (MX), Mariana Percovich (UY), Alejandro Tantanian (AR), Matías Umpierrez (AR)


Cynthia Edul, Joachim Gerstmeier, Alejandro Tantanian

In cooperation with

Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Argentino de La Plata (TACEC), Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires-Teatro San Martín, Iberescena, INAE – Dirección Nacional de Cultura Uruguay, IUNA – Departamento de Artes del Movimiento, Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) – Fundación Costantini, MEC, Siemens Fundación Argentina and Teatro Argentino, supported by AC/E, Cocoa datei, Espacio Callejón, MinCultura, Prosperidad Para Todos, Tango Tango.