• "H3" by Bruno Beltrão
    PANORAMA SUR promotes the exchange of experiences in Latin America and allows participants to examine their own potential. Shown here: "H3" by Bruno Beltrão.
  • International platform
    The platform is international and exposes artistic impulses to the public.
  • Workshops with established theater professionals
    A writers' workshop provides space for reflection and collaboration in developing new ideas.
  • Performances by international artists
    International productions such as the six-hour piece "Quizzoola!" by British group Forced Entertainment introduce new formats.
  • Participants and audience function as multipliers
    The participants take their experiences back to their home countries.

The international PANORAMA SUR academy provides a forum for dialog in Latin America. Each year, approximately 100 young artists and other people working in the cultural sector from Latin America, Europe, and other areas meet to take part in this high-intensity four-week program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Workshops, seminars, and a writers' workshop provide many opportunities to gain new knowledge, network, and collaborate with others. Thanks to public performances, presentations, and panel discussions, a wider audience also gains insight into the changing role of theater in society.

The annual academy was established in 2010 by Siemens Stiftung and THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano, together with a group of local and international institutions. The aim of the platform is to promote self-initiative and strengthen the cultural scene in South America through active networking.

Both the program and the network have expanded steadily. In 2013, the performing arts platform became independent. In the future THE – Asociación para el Teatro Latinoamericano will manage it in association with its partner institutions. Siemens Stiftung is now extending the initiative by setting up further platforms in Chile and Colombia.