Experimento in Nigeria

Inquiry-based learning breaks down traditional teaching structures

Filtering their own water: students at the Akoka Primary School in Lagos test their experiment.
Students work independently on the experiments and the teacher only provides help when needed.
Group work instead of direct instruction – it works in large classes, too!
How does an electrical circuit work? Teamwork is important for experimentation.
Experimento trainer Dieter Arnold accompanies students in their experiments.
A workshop at the University of Lagos. Teachers leave the workshop with experimentation materials and new teaching methods.
  • Since 2016, we’ve worked with academics and practitioners on implementing Experimento
  • Deployment in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Focus on primary schools
  • Creation of a multiplier team, enabling advanced training for teachers
  • Training for about 100 educators
  • Around 16,000* children reached

*  The number assumes that every instructed kindergarten or elementary school teacher shares the knowledge 5 times with one group or class, and a subject teacher shares it 5 times with two classes.

Country-specific aspects

We work with the University of Lagos, the Lagos Energy Academy, and the local NGO “Empowering Africans through Education” on implementing Experimento. The Experimento multipliers have both an academic and a practical background, meaning they are particularly adept at communicating the importance of science and technology knowledge for everyday life.

The long-term goal of Experimento is to make significant improvements to science education in public schools. When the program was introduced in Nigeria, a baseline study was conducted to  serve as a starting for evaluating the program’s future progress and success.

Would you like to support Experimento in Nigeria? Siemens Stiftung provides several ways for companies and NGOs with a focus on education to take part.

Project manager Experimento Nigeria

Rebecca Ottmann

+49 174 155 94 83

Professor of Science Education at University of Lagos

Prof. Uchenna Udeani

+234 803 786 09 78

Co-founder and executive director Empowering Africans through Education

Tonye Atiegoba

+234 813 714 81 80

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