Development Cooperation

Innovative solutions accessing to basic services

We want to make a long-term contribution to improving basic services in developing regions.
Social entrepreneurs play key role for us. They bring about positive changes in their societies.
We network social entrepreneurs prepare them for the next growth phase.
The Solutions Database makes the technical innovations of the members of empowering people. Network. accessible.
We are supporting some social entrepreneurs with their plans. Social innovations take off.
We support sustainable energy and water supply with operational projects in rural Africa.
Hygiene training courses provide information about clean drinking water and hygiene at schools and in communities.

Secure access to basic services is indispensable for people to lead independent and dignified lives. Our goal is to reduce existential deficits in basic services and strengthen related social structures. With our international empowering people. Network (epN), we bring innovators and social entrepreneurs together and encourage technical and entrepreneurial approaches to be combined. This allows us to promote the spread of suitable solutions, maintain a platform for knowledge transfer, and enable networking with development collaboration organizations. Locally operating projects are run together with partners and implement solutions that are both innovative and proven. Additionally, we provide knowledge to ensure that self-supporting structures are working toward permanent improvements in basic services.

Key issues in Development Cooperation

Overview of all Development Cooperation projects

As a hands-on foundation, we work with partners to develop concepts and programs for accessing basic services in developing regions while strengthening the related societal structures.

Engagement in initiatives

We aren’t the only ones hoping to make a contribution to sustainable societal development. There are many stakeholders around the world working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have joined a number of them in initiatives that aim to achieve the highest possible impact for society.

The European Venture Philanthropy Association brings together European venture philanthropy organizations. As a membership association, the EVPA networks social investors and uses workshops and its own studies to share knowledge and proven methods in this field. Siemens Stiftung is a member of the EVPA.

EVPA website

Impact Hubs are entrepreneurial centers and innovation labs. They provide those working entrepreneurially for the good of society with a professional working environment and access to a unique community.

Working with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and the Argigius Foundation, Siemens Stiftung supports the “Africa Seed Program,” which will see the creation of up to ten Impact Hubs in African cities. Not only do these hubs provide start-ups and social entrepreneurs with office space and infrastructure, but they also offer an opportunity to interact, network, and attend training courses.

Impact Hub Africa website

The Practical Impact Alliance (PIA) from the MIT D-Lab seeks to harness the power of collaborative knowledge among leading global stakeholders to take a better, more efficient approach to fighting global poverty. The initiative from Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology supports development work based on discovery, design, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Siemens Stiftung has been a PIA member since June 2016. Members of the Siemens Stiftung’s empowering people. Network form working groups with additional stakeholders on urgent issues, such as impact assessment, scaling pilot projects, integrative design and innovation, and inclusive recycling. The results are then shared in the development collaboration field.

Practical Impact Alliance website

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