Music In Africa – Online-Portal
Music In Africa – das Online-Portal für die Musikwelt in Afrika

Music In Africa is an online platform for the world of African music. The portal's innovative digital concept is boosting public perception of the music sector in Africa, enabling networking and further skill development, and introducing countless opportunities for the continent. The Pan-African Music In Africa Foundation is in charge of developing the portal, which was initiated by Siemens Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Music information from all 54 African nations

Music In Africa is the leading portal for reliable, up-to-date information on the various music scenes across Africa. Unlike other sites, does not focus on one single country but showcases the creative potential of all 54 African countries in one place. Over 120 English and French-speaking writers from all over Africa regularly contribute stories to the free online magazine.

Music In Africa at a glance:

-       Profiles of over 18,000 musicians and cultural organizations

-       More than 600 quality-checked overview texts

-       Music magazine with daily concert news and reviews

-       Online and offline training

-       Personalized news feed for registered users

-       Music and video streaming

-       Electronic press kits

-       Messaging and booking tool

Emphasis on networking and education

Music In Africa is predominantly aimed at African musicians, concert organizers, fans and journalists – but also at anyone interested anywhere in the world. The opportunities provided through digitization are just as important as the immense social and political influence that music has in many African countries.

A particular focus is on on networking and continuing education opportunities: For example, each registered user can create a unique profile, which can be synchronized with music streaming services such as YouTube or Soundcloud. This new digital 'calling card' simplifies contact with fans, concert promoters, or other colleagues. Bookings are also possible on the portal.

Firmly anchored in Africa: the Music In Africa Foundation

The idea for Music In Africa was born in 2011. As part of a Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut initiative, more than 100 professional musicians, scientists, journalists, managers, and educators from Africa and other countries around the world took part in developing the portal’s concept.

But in order for such an ambitious project to get started, it needs long-term support on the ground, knowledgeable representatives from the African music scene, and persistent driving forces and networkers. This led to the establishment of the non-profit Music In Africa Foundation in 2013. Since then, a team of 15 people in offices in Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Dakar, Lagos, and Nairobi is responsible for implementing and running the Music In Africa website.

The Music In Africa Foundation’s staff represents the portal at festivals and conferences, and manages the foundation's finances. The foundation is active offline as well, working on continuing education for musicians and in support of their rights.

Organigram der Music In Africa Foundation

  • Musicians report what they love at the music platform Music In Africa.