Digital media - whether smartphone, tablet or notebook – is technology children commonly use these days. The devices are widespread: Nine in ten German households have at least one computer. Yet digital media are hardly used in primary schools and preschools, a void that doesn’t reflect the everyday life of many children. That makes it all the more important for them to learn how to use these new media actively. With KIKUS digital, Siemens Stiftung and zkm are using innovative technologies for modern teaching to support the media literacy of pupils, arouse their curiosity, and promote networked thinking.

Almost 300 digital picture-card motives encourage children to speak.
Almost 300 digital picture-card motives encourage children to speak.

Learning languages in heterogeneous classes

The language-learning software enables the KIKUS method, originally designed for working in small groups, to be used in larger groups as well, such as at primary schools. KIKUS digital is well adapted to the modern classroom. It can be used in combination with either a whiteboard or computer, making the exercises accessible to all pupils. The digital variant opens up additional teaching opportunities not possible with traditional picture cards. A function that enables children to listen to the base form of the card captions helps them develop their listening comprehension skills and pronounce words correctly; they can also practice their writing skills on the whiteboard, and use text boxes to create stories consisting of words and pictures. The software offers educators a high level of flexibility to realize their own ideas and address their pupils’ specific learning needs. KIKUS digital does not require the pupils to have homogeneous language skills – reflecting reality in German preschools and primary schools. 

Simple introduction to multimedia language instruction

KIKUS digital makes it easy for educators to start using multimedia language instruction. Initial ideas and tips for using the software to combine words, build sentences or count syllables  have already been created for users and can be found in the detailed instructions and introductory video. Prepared learning games can be used as an introduction to a KIKUS digital lesson. Lesson plans or whiteboard pages created in class can be saved and reused at any time.