Within a graduate program, IRENE | SEE researches the applicability and benefit of social economic empowerment.

What distinguishes IRENE | SEE?

Entrepreneurial thinking and innovative approaches are essential to successful sustainable social and economic development. IRENE | SEE explores the range of effects of social enterprises in Latin America and Africa. A particular concern of Siemens Stiftung is to strengthen knowledge sharing between both regions, which have many differences but also many bonds. We view ourselves as a bridge builder: With concrete recommendations, we seek to expand the dialog with business leaders, government officials, and the scientific community to strengthen social enterprises and social transformation processes.

  • Scientific recommendations for sustainable operations

    More stakeholders are committing to social entrepreneurial initiatives in developing and emerging countries and combining high expectations with them but the area lacks sufficient research. The impact of socio-economic approaches in these regions is hardly documented.

    But both quantitative and qualitative data is necessary for making informed, intelligent decisions. It is the declared goal of IRENE | SEE to pursue applied research in this area and offer recommendations for those in the field. The results will be published and made available via multiplier networks in Latin American and Africa to participants in these regions.

  • Research network for knowledge sharing between Latin America and Africa

    The network researches concrete examples in Latin America sub-Saharan Africa within a graduate program with six doctoral students in the respective countries and a post-doc coordination site in the areas of economics, political science, urban studies, and sociology. A special focus is on applicability and scalability, possible funding and regulatory requirements as well as the sustainability of social economic empowerment in various industries and sectors.