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IRENE I SEE research network

Social enterprises under the microscope

Events for strengthening the network

Conferences, seminars, and mutual visits to partner universities served to strengthen and expand the IRENE I SEE research network. "South-South Exchanges" extended the network beyond a region's own university, organizations and companies.

In addition to the exchange of ideas, a number of events further strengthened the IRENE I SEE network.

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Participants of the third Summer School in Adama

At three summer schools, German and Ethiopian students came together to explore the topic of "Global Leadership and Society in Ethiopia" at Adama University in Ethiopia. Ten students from Zeppelin University met with ten students from Adama University to spend two weeks working together under the direction of Prof. Dr. Peer Ederer. The students discussed basic issues such as social value, corporate responsibility and innovation.

Following two productive meetings in 2011 and 2012, the last three Summer Schools in autumn 2013 took place in Ethiopia. The Summer School 2013 aimed to introduce a better understanding in the creation of values. Together with a group of Ethiopian PhD students, the participants were taken on a Tour de Force of relevant theories where they met with leaders from the Ethiopian society: entrepreneurs, politicians, managers, visionaries and diplomats.

Comments of participants

Antonia Lagemann, student of Zeppelin University
“The emotionality and cordiality I experienced in the two weeks spent with our Ethiopian colleagues made me understand back in Germany what Ethiopian entrepreneur Dr Mitslal meant by her phrase: “You Germans, you forget the love in between”.
The two-week seminar not only confronted me with the problems of poverty and development aid, it also submerged me in a culture of love and passion that helped me to examine my own German culture from a critical perspective."

Timo Rinke, student of Zeppelin University
"Demanding – and a huge experience."