• Charles Amwayi's shop is close to the harbor where the fishermen dry and sell their catch. He offers everything the fishermen need and also acts as the local agent for the Equity Bank.
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Development Cooperation
Charles Amwayi, manager of a store

Local population benefits from education provision and modern technologies

Charles Amwayi never missed a single lesson of his training program and attended every meeting between the trainees and their coaches and mentors in the six-month-long follow-up period. That is why he was awarded the prize of “Best Training Participant” at the graduation event for the entrepreneurship training and subsequent mentoring program he completed at the WE!Hub in Mbita. There can be little doubt that he has earned this title. Charles is a small business owner with big ambitions, who enjoys helping to solve the problems and challenges of his customers – especially the fishermen whom he provides with tools and utensils. “The fishermen are very happy that they now have a shop close to the harbor where they can buy their materials. In the past, they had to travel to the nearest town to buy these things.” As an Equity Bank agent, Charles is also allowed to offer his customers credit if they are unable to pay for the equipment straight away.

“Having a sensible business plan is the most important thing of all. Accounting is crucial to a successful business. After all, you need to know how much you can spend on your purchases.” The Internet helps here too. Charles used to travel some three hours to Kisumu to buy supplies for his shop. Nowadays, he orders conveniently online in the nearest Internet cafe at the WE!Hub in Mbita: “That saves about 20 euros per delivery. And it means I don't have make the long journey.”

Charles wants to do more work in his community and is now organizing training and mentoring provision in his village. “I want to pass my knowledge on to other people so that they can benefit from it as well.”

“With my range of goods I am able to support the fishermen in their work. I am delighted that I can do my part for the people in my community.”