Noticia | 28.09.2016

Workshop Foundations seeking schools for joint learning in the Forum Education Digitalization initiative

foro digitalizacion educacion
Digital media are transforming school and learning culture – the Forum Education Digitalization initiative is looking for pioneer schools that want to share their experiences and develop new concepts.

Compiling and sharing the experiences that pioneer schools have had with digital media – schools can apply until November 8, 2016 – a workshop conference organized by the Forum Education Digitalization initiative will bring together professionals and representatives from the worlds of science and school administration.

What do schools that have successfully integrated digital media into the classroom do differently? How can other schools profit from their experiences? The foundations Deutsche Telekom Stiftung,  Bertelsmann Stiftung, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Siemens Stiftung intend to answer these questions by working with schools that are already systematically using digital media. The foundations are sponsoring the Forum Education Digitalization initiative. The name of their new program is “Workshop” (digital school development).

The application period for interested schools began today at a Berlin conference with the same name. The conference attracted about 180 experts from the worlds of education, science, civil society, and school administration and provided them with a forum where they could discuss their experiences together. “Digitalization in schools must be something more than putting state-of-the-art computers in classrooms,” said Uta-Micaela Dürig, the managing director of the Robert Bosch Foundation. “We need the right educational concepts, intelligent materials and teachers who know how to use them. With today’s conference and the Forum Education Digitalization, we intend not only to underscore the importance of this issue, but also to provide schools with concrete support.”

With the workshop, the initiative will bring together 20 to 30 schools that have already taken steps to transform their school and learning culture by using digital media. Over a period of several months, they will identify the factors that lead to success and failure as well as development needs of schools in terms of digital transformation.

Schools that want to share their experience with digital media and refine their efforts as part of a collaborative effort with other pioneer schools can apply to join the program through November 8, 2016,at The contact for all interested schools is Vincent Steinl, phone: +49 (30) 8353 8 28 26, email:

The Forum Education Digitalization is a joint initiative of the foundations Deutsche Telekom Stiftung,  Bertelsmann Stiftung, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Siemens Stiftung. It is being sponsored by the Mercator Foundation. Their activities are aimed at answering one question: How can digital media help meet educational challenges? With their initiative, the foundations are facilitating a dialogue of all members of the educational community and are bringing together experts from the classroom, science, and school administration as a way of sharing their experiences with digital change with as many educational institutions as possible. Other partners are welcome to take part as well.