Noticia | Educación 24.11.2010

The Media Portal now speaks Spanish

It is now possible to search and download digital teaching aids from the media portal of the Siemens Stiftung using a Spanish user interface. This third language, following German and English, underscores the international commitment of the Siemens Stiftung, which extends beyond Europe to Africa and now Latin America. This gives interested educators in Spanish-speaking countries easy access to current teaching materials on technological and scientific subjects. They can quickly search for suitable materials, download them free of charge, and conveniently manage them online.

The media portal currently has 6,200 registered users, and offers some 2,300 media items on science and technology, social, and cultural topics. The current Spanish portfolio comprises about 70 items, which are also suitable for bilingual instruction in German schools. Media are offered for free download in the form of predefined media packages in the areas of “Hearing” and “Energy” or as individual files. For example, audio samples of sounds and noises plus detailed graphics of the human ear support teaching about hearing, the ear, and deafness. On the subject of energy, there is information on thermal engines and motors, and animated modules on perpetual motion machines and the principle of the steam engine.

“Our media portal is designed so its functionality and contents can be used internationally,” said Maria Schumm-Tschauder, Project Director at Siemens Stiftung. “We’re constantly expanding the portal, updating it and adding media in different languages. With this wide diversity of materials, we’re promoting varied, practically-oriented instruction not just in Germany but worldwide.”