Noticia | Cooperación al Desarrollo 05.06.2012

Rio+20 summit: The Siemens Stiftung exhibits model projects on basic needs and social entrepreneurship

Being committed to sustainable development and enlarging basic services and social entrepreneurship, the Siemens Stiftung and its partner organizations join the “Technology in Action” exhibition initiated by Siemens AG, at the Rio+20 summit.

The technologies to make development more sustainable – ecologically and economically – are available today. The challenge is to deploy such innovations in the right way. The good news: We can act now. Not only in highly industrialized regions, but also in developing regions throughout the world.

Technological solutions and small-scale innovations, embedded in the appropriate applications and concepts, enable sustainable development and improve living conditions. The exhibition “Technology in Action” features successful examples in the areas of energy, water, health and waste management from different parts of the world. NGOs, social entrepreneurs and innovators exhibit their solutions to social challenges, including their technologies, ownership and organizational concepts, in order to share their experiences and exchange knowledge. The Siemens Stiftung presents the following projects and partners during this exhibition from June 16-19, 2012:

•    Water-Energy-Hub (WE!Hub): The WE!Hubs supply communities in remote regions of Kenya with clean drinking water as well as affordable and environmentally friendly off-grid energy.

•    SkyHydrant water filters and Aqua Stations: Together with partners, the Siemens Stiftung aims to cultivate sustainable water supply in remote regions of Africa and at the same time initiate entrepreneurial activities and open up new opportunities for generating income.

•    Community Impact Development Group (CIDG): Working under the motto “Technology for Human Needs,” CIDG is a network created by Siemens Stiftung and Ashoka and unites social entrepreneurs who want to benefit their communities. For the “Technology in Action” exhibition, four members representing different areas of work have been selected:
- Ciudad Saludable (Waste management)
- Fundación EHAS (Healthcare)
- Technology for Tomorrow (Hygiene)
- The Yansa Group (Energy)

•    Sierra Productiva: This project is aimed at sustainable development for the indigenous rural population in the Canas/Cusco highland regions of Peru and in the Ica/Pisco coastal regions.

You can also get involved! Following the principle “We can act now”, the Siemens Stiftung is initiating the empowering people. Award that will honor vitally needed and appropriate technologies: a call to inventors and teams who have developed solutions to basic supply problems in developing and emerging countries. Submitting products and solutions in the areas of Water, Energy, Waste & Recycling, Health, Food & Agriculture, Housing, and Information & Communication Technology, the innovations will be evaluated and catalogued in a public database where actors in developmental organizations can research suitable innovations for particular target areas.