Noticia | Educación 08.09.2014

Music In Africa portal launches directory for the African music sector

Music In Africa pools reliable and rich information on music-making in Africa.

The time has come: The music portal Music In Africa now features a comprehensive directory of important contacts from the world of African music. Whether you are looking for a popular DJ from Nairobi, a host in Kinshasa or a recording studio in Lagos, the platform provides credible and significant information for free on musicians, event managers, labels, financers, legal experts, and journalists. As a way of increasing usability, the directory is divided into six sub-categories, namely Artists, Media, Service Providers, Venues and Events, Music Education and Organizations, Networks and Associations. The launch of the directory presents opportunities to all those who are active or interested in music to tie new relationships and network. Jens Cording, project manager at Siemens Stiftung, is convinced: “The variety of  music genres and the creativity of the artists are among the most inspiring things in the world of music in Africa . The platform Music in Africa will approach a pent-up demand for creating a global awareness to the quality of African music productions.”

Currently, the focus is on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. Information regarding more African countries will follow. The team aims to include over 10 000 directory profiles before the end of this year.

Music In Africa is an Initiative of Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut together with partners from all over Africa.