Noticia | Cultura 18.02.2013

Music in Africa: Information on the project now accessible online

A newly established information page keeps you up-to-date on the development of the Music in Africa project. The website will be an internet-based platform for information on music in Africa, initiated jointly by the Siemens Foundation and the Goethe Institute in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with local partners across the continent.

The website, which can be accessed as of now, presents both the project and the team working on it, reports on workshops, meetings and the necessary exchange of information, calls on interested parties to make their own input, offers an exchange of ideas via social online networks and both documents and illustrates the emergence of an internet platform for information on African music, a facility which is to go online at the end of 2013. In addition, the page will be used in the near future to gather essential basic data on institutions and artists so as to establish an Directory for The transparency of this access site makes it possible to approach and involve the extremely wide variety of cultural scenes and cultural infrastructures that exist across Africa in the development of the internet platform – and to arouse interest at this early stage of the project.