Noticia | Educación 01.03.2011

MINT – hands-on and interactive

Siemens Stiftung at the didacta 2011 in Stuttgart

“My balloon rocket can even fly!” said a very pleased Eric, a ten-year-old student from Hohenstein elementary school in Stuttgart. Together with five other students and their teacher, Eric participated in the daily experiment hour at the Siemens Stiftung booth at this year’s didacta in Stuttgart. While the children were playfully and excitedly researching the properties of air and the surface tension of water, teachers, educators, and docents at Europe’s largest education trade fair had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments from Siemens Stiftung in MINT education.

These first experiment setups for the fields of mathematics, information science, natural science, and technology (MINT) were met with a great deal of enthusiasm from visitors. Using the example of electric voltage and resistance vividly presented in a glass cabinet, the Siemens Stiftung highlighted the modular principle and logically structured content of the new kits, which will accompany the children and youths from pre-school to graduation. Primary school teachers and educators were especially pleased with the 120 experiments on the topics of energy, health, and the environment. The experiments are scheduled to be available at the end of this year.

There were also large crowds in attendance for the afternoon demonstration on using the whiteboard in education. “The new interactive whiteboards from our Media Portal have hit the mark perfectly,” reported Werner Busch, Siemens Stiftung Project Manager for the didacta. “Whether it’s photosynthesis, energy conversion, or the anatomy of the eye – something was offered in every natural science educational field.” You’ll find more information on the Media Portal of Siemens Stiftung here

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