Noticia | Cooperación al Desarrollo 07.03.2012

IRENE I SEE – International Research Network on Social Economic Empowerment

Seminar on “Social Entrepreneurship” at Zeppelin University, spring 2012

From January, 24 to May, 9 2012, a spring Master’s seminar on the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship” will be held at the Institute of Corporate Management & Economics at Zeppelin University. The seminar will be led by Prof. Stephan A. Jansen, Dr. Lisa Hanley, Aline Wachner and Rieke Schües.

The seminar will be taught as a ring seminar and is a discussion-based course. The students begin by drawing up an overview of social business activities in Germany and of the development of social entrepreneurship in an international context. They follow this by extending these social business concepts to include the two research programs that are currently running at Zeppelin University: Mercator German Research Network on Social Entrepreneurship and IRENE I SEE. 

The seminar was held in the English language.