Noticia | Educación 04.06.2014

Foundation laid for Experimento in Kenya

Educators learn how to convey scientific subjects to their students in a vivid way using Experimento.

Today Siemens Stiftung presented certificates to the first 20 elementary school teachers from Kenya to acknowledge their successful participation in four Experimento advanced training seminars. Experimento enables teachers to inspire their students for sciences by means of experiments and innovative teaching methods. The workshops were held by three local educators who had previously undergone training. They mark the start of a long-term commitment to education by Siemens Stiftung with Experimento in Kenya, focusing initially on Nairobi and its surrounding region and mainly addressing elementary schools, which have eight grades there.

One thing quickly followed another: The cooperation deal between the German School Nairobi and Siemens Stiftung had hardly been sealed when Francis Waweru, Irene Gisemba, and Symon Kiganda were won as the first local educators to train colleagues in Experimento at their own schools and others. They especially liked the instructions and manuals they received and were able to study before the first advanced training seminar. They helped them put the experiments in a didactic context and ensured a smooth introduction to the compact program.

Right after their three-day training this February, the three seminar leaders were able to put into practice as coaches what they had learned: 20 elementary school teachers from various local schools in Nairobi and the surrounding region eagerly awaited their first day of training with Experimento | 8+ on the subject of health. It was followed by workshops on the environment and energy in April and May. The objective was for the educators to learn how they can convey scientific subjects that are usually only explained in theory to their students in a vivid way using Experimento. 

"Despite the fact that it was partly the vacation period, all the participants attended all the time and with growing enthusiasm," says a delighted Rebecca Ottmann, project manager at Siemens Stiftung and responsible for rolling out Experimento in sub-Saharan Africa. "Apart from the dedication of the three local seminar leaders, this is not least due to the competence and commitment of the German School Nairobi and its representative Petra Zanker. I'm very happy that we're now reaching Kenya with Experimento as well."

The fourth and final workshop on June 4, 2014, ended for the 20 participants with a detailed feedback session and the official presentation of the certificates and experiment kits that will enable the teachers to integrate discovery-based learning right away in their lessons. More Experimento advanced training seminars are planned in Kenya for the coming school year.