Noticia | Educación 06.12.2013

Experimento enjoying success in Africa

The new Experimento experts at the closing ceremony in Durban/eThekwini.

They all turned up and even brought their colleagues with them, they being the 20 teachers from ten elementary schools in Durban/eThekwini, who received their certificates for taking part in the Experimento workshops at a closing ceremony. Pleasing results: In the meantime, more than 160 teachers in South Africa from a wide variety of school types have received advanced training in the Siemens Stiftung science education program.

The practical educational introduction to the world of learning through discovery was a great success. In addition to information on the concept, the 20 elementary school teachers were also given the opportunity to experiment themselves at the six workshops held from February to October 2013. "The participants were so enthusiastic that they upped the number of workshops to six instead of the original four – despite the often long travel times and the workshops being held on a Saturday," says a delighted Rebecca Ottmann, project manager for Experimento Africa at Siemens Stiftung. The official ceremony marked the end of the series of workshops, which came about with the participation of the cooperation partners eThekwini Community Foundation, Red Cap Foundation, the eThekwini Municipality and the KZN Science Centre.

The teachers can now use the Experimento education program, which, in addition to materials to conduct experiments for an entire class, also primarily include methods for implementing the experiments, to make their science lessons more exciting and varied. An intended side effect: During these workshops the teachers built up a network that can be used, among other things, to share knowledge.

What's more, the selected schools can look forward not only to the materials for conducting experiments, but also to motivated students. It's clear that the students learn better and acquire more knowledge – not least because they have worked for it interactively.