Noticia | Cooperación al Desarrollo 03.09.2015

"empowering people. Network” cooperates with the “Inclusive Business Accelerator” to offer expert bootcamp sessions for social entrepreneurs

The online bootcamp will be focusing on marketing and distribution strategies so entrepreneurs can improve their models and reach low-income.

The past two years have shown that the regional workshops offered by the “empowering people. Network“ have gained in popularity. Held to bring social entrepreneurs and innovators together, the training sessions not only provide insights into relevant topics needed in inclusive business, but also offer social entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge.

In an endeavor to reach a wider audience, the epNetwork is now cooperating with the Inclusive Business Accelerator to hold an online bootcamp, aimed at social entrepreneurs. These training sessions will be focusing on marketing and distribution strategies, so entrepreneurs can improve their models and reach low-income customers. For the “empowering people. Network”, which was launched last year as an offspring of the “empowering people. Award” in 2012, it is a natural development that the sessions will be offered online therefore reaching a wider audience.

“Our workshops have been held in different regions around the world over the past few years, but group sizes were limited”, explains Sabine Baumeister, project manager and responsible for on- and offline trainings within the epNetwork. “Using an online platform we will not be restricted to the number of participants, which means we will be able to reach even more people working in inclusive business – an exciting prospect”, Baumeister continues.

With a range of modules on business modeling, market research & marketing and distribution, participants will be able to strengthen their skills and intensify their knowledge of tools used to develop their strategies. They can then implement their learnings in their own business models. Valuable reading materials, expert feedback on assignments and an online interactive room with participants worldwide will all be supplied free of charge in the four modules taking place between September 15 and October 12, 2015.

Register for the online bootcamp before September 11 and save your spot!