Noticia | Educación 04.06.2014

Barbara Filtzinger appointed to the board of Wissensfabrik

Visual documentation of Wissensfabrik Forum 2014 based around the slogan "Wissen bewegt Deutschland" (Knowledge Makes Germany Move)

Barbara Filtzinger, Head of the working area Education at Siemens Stiftung, has been appointed to the board of Wissensfabrik (Knowledge Factory) with immediate effect. She succeeds Ulrich Bingenheimer from KSB AG. This announcement was made at the Wissensfabrik Forum in Berlin on June 2. Wissensfabrik is a nonprofit association with more than 120 members who have joined together to promote education and enterprise in Germany. Siemens Stiftung has cooperated with Wissensfabrik since it was founded in 2008.

"The main goal we have in common with Wissensfabrik is to promote education. By networking, we can pool our strength and jointly create opportunities to enable greater participation in society for people. That is the maxim that guides our cooperation with Wissensfabrik and will also govern my work as a member of the board," says Barbara Filtzinger.

Wissensfabrik's network, comprising more than 120 companies of all sizes and from all industries, as well as corporate foundations, aims to promote Germany as a location for education and business. Its members work in partnerships with schools and preschool establishments. Among other things, the students explore nature and technology, get to know economic processes, and experience what worlds languages open up. Over the past years Siemens Stiftung has concluded around 1,000 educational partnerships with elementary schools as part of Wissensfabrik.

The board runs Wissensfabrik and represents the association in business transactions. It is appointed by the Steering Committee for a term of 2 years.