Background Stories & Interviews

There are plenty of people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. Here you’ll hear from our project cooperation partners, network members, and participants in addition to experts in fields that motivate us and make a difference in society.

Hintergrundbericht | Head of Unit | 31. marzo 2020
Farewell Dr. Nathalie von Siemens
After 7 1/2 years, Dr. Nathalie von Siemens resigns from her position as Managing Director of Siemens Stiftung. Close collaborators reflect on their shared achievements.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 30. marzo 2020
Full speed ahead!
Our social enterprise in Kenya, WeTu, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. What challenges did the company face at the beginning? What has been accomplished so far? And what comes next on the issues of water, energy, and e-mobility? - An interview with Tilmann Straub.
Interview | Education | 27. febrero 2020
A new culture of sharing
How does copyright work with Open Educational Resources? What are the biggest challenges to implementing OER on an everyday basis in schools? What is Siemens Stiftung's role in the OER movement? We sought answers from our expert, Corinna Hartung.
Interview | Education | 29. enero 2020
Unlocking every child’s gifts
»A researcher asks for help on her trip around the world – a spark that ignites curiosity and unlocks every child’s gifts.« Stefanie Trense, primary school teacher For Stefanie Trense, a primary school teacher in Berlin, inclusion is part of every day. Using differentiated teaching materials, she motivates her students to engage in inclusive experimental Read More
| Culture | 9. enero 2020
How Music In Africa is changing the music landscape
»Once you’ve got some momentum, miracles start to happen.«​ Serge Maboma, Deputy Chairperson, Music In Africa Foundation Six years after launching in 2013, it is hard to imagine the world of African music without the Music In Africa Foundation and its online portal. The portal is a self-organized networking switchboard for musicians, producers, and Read More
Interview | Education | 15. noviembre 2019
Local actors – internationally networked
They pool knowledge and information while connecting people, initiatives, and organizations – the role of networks is increasingly important across the board.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 28. agosto 2019
Constant dripping wears the stone
When Max Steiner tackles something, the focus is on social commitment and support for the disadvantaged. In Bolivia, the country of origin of his wife and his second home, he finds a broad field of activity with “Lentes al Instante”
Interview | Development Cooperation | 21. mayo 2019
Driving development with e-mobility
Innovative mobility solutions also for rural regions in Africa. Rolf Huber tells us about the potential of e-mobility and the approaches of WeTu, the Siemens Stiftung social enterprise.
Interview | Education | 14. mayo 2019
Do Design Thinking and STEM go together?
For the first time, the Design Thinking method is to be systematically combined with MINT subjects. An approach to promoting creativity meets natural science and technology subjects. Can this succeed? Cultural studies graduate Christine Niewöhner is responsible for the pilot project "Design Thinking in MINT" in the Siemens Stiftung's Education department. She is just returning from the kick-off workshop for educators in South Africa. And she believes: Yes, it can work wonderfully. Here she talks about her experiences.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 3. mayo 2019
Clean drinking water despite drought
In large parts of Kenya, March’s typical rainy season never came – the fear of another drought is huge. Tilmann Straub, director of WeTu and water expert at the Siemens Stiftung, reports on the situation on site and how the local community deals with these extreme weather conditions.
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