Courage & Innovation

In our “Courage & Innovation” podcast, Dr. Nina Smidt joins experts from our international network for discussions about inspired and inspiring innovations for sustainable development. The 15-minute episodes highlight socially-relevant issues and conversations that drive the work of our foundation.

Design Thinking: Creative method with social impact

How can we develop solutions to social problems with the help of design thinking? The creative method focuses on real needs and produces innovations that have social impact. Liza Chong, CEO at the Danish nonprofit organization The Index Project, talks about bold innovations, design thinking as an important approach to contemporary education, and the challenge of staying creative.

Sustainable development through technical innovations

Technical innovations make a significant contribution to improving basic services in developing regions. Social enterprises in particular play an important role: they develop suitable solutions and create local jobs. Iana Aranda, President of Engineering For Change, talks about inspiring examples from the startup scene, the relevance of international cooperation and the impact of social enterprises.

Music In Africa: Thriving creative scene with global influence

African music has an enormous influence on the global creative scene. Yet the African music sector benefits only to a limited extent. Music In Africa supports African music creators in their professionalization, promotes international networking and currently operates the largest pan-African online music platform. In the second episode of our podcast, director Eddie Hatitye talks about recent developments in the music scene, sources of income for music creators, and the opportunities presented by the digitization of the cultural sector.

Climate change education: strengthening societal resilience

Climate change education is an important and urgent issue for strengthening societal resilience. Given the impact that can already be observed, climate change must become a permanent part of education systems. Dr. Claudia Uribe is the director of the UNESCO regional office for education in Latin America and the Caribbean and a key partner in our international work. In the first episode of the podcast, she shares examples that highlight the importance of climate change education.

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The “Courage & Innovation” podcast is hosted by Dr. Nina Smidt, Managing Director and Spokesperson at Siemens Stiftung. She believes that collaboration with a strong international network is the key to addressing the challenges we face as a global society. These collaborative efforts ensure that innovations are identified and given proper recognition in civic discourse.