Background Stories & Interviews

There are plenty of people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. Here you’ll hear from our project cooperation partners, network members, and participants in addition to experts in fields that motivate us and make a difference in society.

Interview | Development Cooperation | 3. May 2019
Clean drinking water despite drought
In large parts of Kenya, March’s typical rainy season never came – the fear of another drought is huge. Tilmann Straub, director of WeTu and water expert at the Siemens Stiftung, reports on the situation on site and how the local community deals with these extreme weather conditions.
Interview | Culture | 2. April 2019
A guide through Africa’s music
Since its launch in 2013, Music In Africa has grown very fast, reaching millions of people every year. The non-profit initiative serves as a guide, creates greater awareness of Africa’s music and improves the collaboration between artists. Director Eddie Hatitye talks on his experiences dreams.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 28. March 2019
Better living conditions for Kenya
The newly founded social enterprise WeTu aims to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people in rural areas around Lake Victoria. Rolf Huber gives an insight into the origins and future prospects.
Interview | Education | 9. December 2018
STEAM-regions in Latin America
STEAM education is at the heart of sustainable social development in Latin America. Six so-called STEAM regions were developed last year. We asked Ulrike Wahl about the idea behind it and what goals are associated with the regional alliances.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 12. November 2018
Storytelling for social entrepreneurs
Barbara Börner has been advising social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations for over 18 years. Together with Siemens Stiftung and adelphi, she developed the program “Stories About Us”, recognizing that stories have potential and can be a valuable instrument for social entrepreneurs striving to reach their networks.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 10. September 2018
Start-ups with a future in Ghana
William Senyo is co-founder and CEO of the Impact Hub Accra, the epicenter of the West African start-up scene. Prototypes are developed and built in the makerspace. He spoke with us about the initial difficulties as well as about Angela Merkel’s visit.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 19. April 2018
A pair of glasses – endless opportunities
A pair of glasses can change everything. Yet many people in Burkina Faso cannot afford one. A situation the OneDollarGlasses association and Siemens Stiftung want to change forever. Our colleague Christine Meinhardt explains how.
Interview | Education | 2. April 2018
Integration through experimentation: With the MINTegration project, Jakob Fugger Gymnasium secondary school in Augsburg, Germany, looks to introduce children to science while playfully improving their language skills.
Interview | Education | 25. January 2018
Full steam ahead: STEAM in South Africa
“Steam” means momentum – Kathryn Kure wishes to generate all her foundation’s name implies. The STEAM Foundation facilitates the future prospects of South Africa’s youth through targeted teacher training in the areas of science and technology. The international Experimento program provided the push for the nonprofit project.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 10. January 2018
Finding the right technical solutions for the challenge
For most development challenges, technical solutions exist. But how do we find the right one for the right place? Rolf Huber explains how successful sustainable development brings together a suitable technology, a functioning organisational model and a community approach.
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