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Spotlight On… The Principles of Social Entrepreneurship

The online sessions are aimed at social entrepreneurs, especially from African countries. 

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With the online series „Spotlight On… the Principles of Social Entrepreneurship“ we invite professionals to delve into the principles of social entrepreneurship. In three virtual sessions, experts lead through the topics of Impact Entrepreneurship and the Triple Bottom Line, Impact Data Generation, and Impact Story Telling.

  1. 30.04.2024 at 12:00 CET | Impact Entrepreneurship and the Tripple Bottom Line:
    Learn the difference between purely profit-oriented and impact-oriented enterprises; and what it means for the journey as an entrepreneur (vision, mission, target group for fundraising). Understand the positive and challenging aspects and how to navigate the triple bottom line of social and ecological impact and financial sustainability.
  2. 07.05.2024 at 12:00 CET | Impact Data Generation:
    Get to know the importance of data, and how to develop an impact hypothesis and to set your impact KPIs. Explore how to develop data collection strategies, get to know tools and technologies for data collection, and learn about its data privacy and ethical considerations. Understand the visualization of data, and how to create a data-driven culture that includes data into your business decisions.
  3. 14.05.2024 at 12:00 CET | Impact Story Telling:
    Explore how to structure the narrative of your enterprise, and its key elements. Learn how to integrate data, showcases and personal narratives into your story to make your story innovative and exciting. Know the dos and don’ts as well as methods and techniques of storytelling; learn what role visuals can play.

Learn from experts within the social entrepreneurship sector and get first-hand insights to the different topics. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and register now!