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Siemens Stiftung will work in three new topic areas for sustainable social development

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Moving forward the internationally active Siemens Stiftung will focus its project work on the three cross-foundation topics of “Access to Essential Services,” “Connected Societies,” and “Climate & Sustainability.” The necessary transformations demanded by these global challenges will be actively shaped by the foundation in an increasingly interdisciplinary manner from its Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Arts & Culture working areas.

Siemens Stiftung has intensively addressed the question of how it can align its activities against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world in a strategic way to make the most effective contribution to sustainable social development. In the three new cross-foundation topic areas, the foundation will increasingly work in an interdisciplinary manner with its partners from the various departments and build up further specialist expertise in the respective topic areas.

Dr. Nina Smidt, Managing Director and Spokesperson of the Board of Directors at Siemens Stiftung: “With the new cross-foundation topic areas, we are opening up space for synergies between our specialist areas to be able to help shape the necessary transformations as effectively as possible. We are convinced that the increasingly complex challenges can only be overcome by working together, and we will continue to expand our commitment to cross-sector alliances with a focus on shared learning as well as strengthening locally anchored sustainable structures.”

In the area of Access to Essential Services, Siemens Stiftung aims to focus on supporting individuals and organizations that strive to enhance existing supply systems. Our topic areas are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including sustainable energy, e-mobility along with water & hygiene. Siemens Stiftung collaborates with social enterprises, public institutions, and key actors in education and civil society to create benefit for communities in underserved regions. Together with partners, the shared vision is to strengthen these communities and enable sustainable development.

The Connected Societies topic area creates spaces for mutual learning and knowledge transfer with the aim of enabling participation and equal opportunities. Siemens Stiftung facilitates interdisciplinary connections across borders, drawing on ideas and substantial approaches from the three working areas of Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Arts & Culture. Through its national and international networks and projects, Siemens Stiftung promotes innovative and inclusive learning, while cultivating a culture of digitality that combines the strengths of both digital and analog worlds in meaningful ways.

Ensuring that the planet remains habitable and livable for future generations requires cross-sector collaboration and a shift towards holistic sustainable pratices that combine social, ecological and economic objectives. In the area of Climate & Sustainability, Siemens Stiftung aims to drive this necessary process of transformation through climate change education, and artistic as well as social entrepreneurial initiatives. Together with its partners, Siemens Stiftung wants to go one step forward by not only reducing negative impacts on ecosystems, but also strengthening regenerative practices and resilience.

In an interview with the executive board team Dr. Nina Smidt and Klaus Grünfelder, you can learn more about current and planned activities of the foundation in the new topic areas:

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