News | Education| 11 August 2022

Global Design Thinking Challenge for Sustainable Learning in Schools

An interdisciplinary Design Thinking team working on innovative ideas
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To prepare the next generation for future skills, HPI School of Design Thinking and the Global Design Thinking Alliance bring the first ever Global Design Thinking Challenge from 8 September – 14 October 2022. We are happy to be part of this academic challenge where interdisciplinary teams from the global education community collaborate and exchange best practices on interactive and multimedia learning platforms. Together they endeavor to address the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of “Quality Education” by challenging current educational systems and co-developing creative and implementable solutions to stimulate Design Thinking mindsets in the school curriculum.

At the virtual kick-off of the challenge, our Managing Director, Dr. Nina Smidt will deliver a keynote on “Quality Education” and sustainable learning in schools. We look forward to meeting global Design Thinking practitioners and discovering the most innovative ideas on sustainable education from around the world.

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