News | Education | 12. November 2021

CREA, the new education portal for Latin America: Free and accessible to everyone

Our new Spanish-language education portal CREA offers teachers and learners varied content for STEM lessons.
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CREA launched: Our new Center for Open Educational Resources (Centro de Recursos Educativos Abiertos) is now online with 1,300 media for STEM lessons. The materials from our Spanish-language media portal, the previous “Portal de Medios,” have moved here – as have the high-quality Open Educational Resources from our partner organizations in the STEM network in Latin America. The result is a comprehensive educational platform for teachers and learners, free to uses and with open content that will be successively expanded to include many exciting offerings.

Why launch a new Media Portal for Latin America?

Since founding the Siemens Stiftung, we have supported teachers and educational institutions in our focus regions of Germany/Europe, Africa, and Latin America through our educational projects. We help establish regional and national networks to jointly initiate innovative projects that promote qualitative STEM lessons.

When nearly all schools worldwide closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and teachers had to switch to distance teaching, the idea of a common media platform where all partner organizations could make their high-quality STEM media available in one place emerged in the local STEM network in Latin America. So already in spring 2020, the new CREA portal was created, initially as a simple collection.

As of now, CREA is a full-fledged platform with professional filter functions and currently 1,300 STEM media, developed and provided by renowned network partners such as the nonprofit organization INNOVEC (Innovación en la Enseñanza de la Ciencia A. C., Innovation in Science Lessons) and the Office for Climate Education (OCE).

In the coming months, many more media and continuing education for teachers will be created and gradually integrated into CREA.

What does the name CREA mean?

CREA stands for Centro de Recursos Educativos Abiertos, the Center for Open Educational Resources. On CREA as well, all media are freely accessible and provided free of charge as OER. We thus now support the OER movement in Latin America together with our partner organizations and ensure that the media are accessible to everyone and can be adapted by teachers to the needs of the learning groups.

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