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Press release | General, Arts & Culture, Education, Social Entrepreneurship | 27. June 2023
Siemens Stiftung will work in three new topic areas for sustainable social development
Moving forward the internationally active Siemens Stiftung will focus its project work on the three cross-foundation topics of “Access to Essential Services,” “Connected Societies,” and “Climate & Sustainability.” The necessary transformations demanded by these global challenges will be actively shaped by the foundation in an increasingly interdisciplinary manner from its Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Arts & Culture working areas
Press release | Arts & Culture | 8. May 2023
Marking the 60th anniversary of the African Union and 10 years of Music In Africa: African Music Days Munich celebrates the continent of Africa at Muffatwerk München, May 24 and 25, 2023
As the African Union turns 60 and Music In Africa turns 10, African Music Days Munich is set to be a wonderful celebration of a peaceful, self-confident, and creative Africa. Seven bands and artists from seven African countries will take to the stage at the Muffatwerk München arts center in Munich.
Press release | Arts & Culture | 22. March 2023
African Music Days Munich at Muffatwerk, May 24 and 25, 2023 – Music In Africa celebrates 10 years
Eight bands from eight African countries will be on the stages of the Muffatwerk Munich. From Afrobeat to futuristic punk to completely new sounds and African mysticism, everything is represented.
Notice | Arts & Culture | 13. February 2023
The city as an open learning space for art in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
The city as an open learning space for art in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Brazilian choreographer Eleonora Fabião develops performative urban walks with students and artists. The collectively designed actions in public space bring awareness about places, objects and people.
News | Arts & Culture | 27. October 2022
Strong program at the pan-African music conference ACCES
From November 24-26, the Music In Africa Conference For Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases will take place for the fifth time.
Notice | Arts & Culture | 28. July 2022
Registrations for music conference ACCES 2022 in Tanzania are open
Registrations for the 2022 edition of the Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) are now open on a first-come, first-served basis.
News | Arts & Culture | 27. July 2022
LA ESCUELA___ invited to CAMP notes on education at documenta fifteen
From July 27 to August 3, artists from different global contexts will explore experimental approaches to spaces of education and understanding through art creation.
Press release | Arts & Culture, Education | 24. May 2022
Music In Africa Foundation: Comprehensive report published on revenue streams of music creators in South Africa
As the first report of its kind, ‘Revenue Streams for Music Creators in South Africa 2022’ provides detailed insights into the sources of income of South African musicians.
News | Arts & Culture | 21. February 2022
LA ESCUELA___: Art platform for radical learning
Art as education and education as art: LA ESCUELA___ is a new hybrid art school opening in February 2022. Using a dedicated online platform and art campaigns in Latin American cities, co-creative spaces for experimental, experiential learning through the production of art are being created.
News | Arts & Culture | 12. November 2021
Lima’s public spaces reclaimed by art
Am 12. November 2021 startet CHANGING PLACES / ESPACIOS REVELADOS in Peru, eine fünfmonatige Reihe von Kunstinterventionen im öffentlichen Raum.