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Marking the 60th anniversary of the African Union and 10 years of Music In Africa: African Music Days Munich celebrates the continent of Africa at Muffatwerk München, May 24 and 25, 2023

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On May 24 and 25, 2023, seven bands and artists from seven African countries will take to the stage at the Muffatwerk München arts center in Munich, ready to showcase their fresh and exciting music, which captures the spirit of different generations. As the African Union turns 60 and the Music In Africa Foundation turns 10, African Music Days Munich is set to be a wonderful celebration of a peaceful, self-confident, and creative Africa.

Music plays a vital role in the identity of post-colonial Africa. It gives voice to everything – from everyday trivialities to major political discussions – promotes understanding and is a driving force for regeneration and change. The Music In Africa Foundation has been supporting and connecting musicians across all 54 African nations since 2013 and is now the continent’s most active cultural organization with its flagship platform, attracting over 260,000 users every month.

Eddie Hatitye, Director of the Music In Africa Foundation, is looking forward to the African Music Days event in Munich: “African music is becoming more and more popular across the globe. It’s fantastic to have seven African bands on stage showcasing some of the best African sounds here in Munich. Some of these musicians will be performing in Germany for the very first time – that is very exciting. On its 10th anniversary, the Music In Africa Foundation remains committed to its mission to support the music industry not only by increasing visibility and building connections, but also by sharing expertise in areas such as digital technologies, income streams and sustainable event management, while also addressing the gender disparity in the industry.” 

Today, Music In Africa is run by the Music In Africa Foundation based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has a strong presence across the continent thanks to its various regional offices. The platform was originally created by the Siemens Stiftung and Goethe Institute and both organizations continue to provide organizational and strategic support.

Dr. Nina Smidt, Managing Director and Spokesperson of the Board of Directors at Siemens Stiftung: “Music In Africa promotes international partnerships, creates opportunities for connections and knowledge-sharing, and opens up new business prospects. I very much hope that the Music In Africa Foundation can continue to have a positive impact on both the African music scene and wider society. For me personally, it’s great to have the chance to finally see so many fantastic African bands live in Munich at this anniversary event.

African Music Days Munich is being held in partnership between the Muffatwerk München arts center , Goethe-Institut, Siemens Stiftung and Music In Africa Foundation. The event is funded by the German government through
its NEUSTART KULTUR funding program.


From 6:30 p.m. Event opening at Studio Muffatwerk
Reception with contributions from Eddie Hatitye (Director of the Music in Africa Foundation), Dr. Nina Smidt (Spokesperson for the Siemens Stiftung), Prof. Carola Lentz (President of the Goethe Institute), and some of the musicians taking part in the event.

Journalists will also have the opportunity for interviews.
Accreditation mandatory:

From 8 p.m. Concert at AMPERE

Arka’n Asrafokor (Togo)
Togolese band Arka’n Asrafokor are known for their original asrafocore sound a fusion of hard rock/metal and African mysticism. Their music expresses their pride in African wisdom, tradition, faith, and fighting spirit, and has made them a household name in Togo, despite rock music being hardly promoted in the country.
Arka’n Asrafokor

Defmaa Maadef (Senegal)
Defmaa Maadef is an exciting collaboration between two rising stars of Senegalese hiphop. Mamy Victory is a vocal powerhouse and firm fixture on Senegal’s urban music scene, while Defa is one of the country’s most soughtafter R&B voices. The themes and melodies of their songs are deeply rooted in Senegalese culture and history.
Defmaa Maadef

Sibusile Xaba & Esinam (South Africa)
Sibusile Xaba & Esinam have a deep artistic and spiritual connection. Esinam Dogbatse is a multiinstrumentalist from Ghana, who combines traditional instruments with her warm voice and flute, and explores new dimensions by blending acoustic sounds and electronic effects. South African Xabas, meanwhile, pushes the boundaries of his genre with his vocals and guitar style that is rooted in expressive picking. Together, the two of them explore and combine each other’s musical universes to create something new and fresh.
Sibusile Xaba & Esinam

Entry from 7 p.m. Ticket price: €10.00.

From 6 p.m. – “Deep Dive into Music in Africa” – Studio Muffatwerk
What’s going on in the African music scene right now? What styles are creating a buzz and what are the biggest challenges? How does the African music scene make its mark in a globalized world and what influence does the continent have on the sounds of the global music industry? African musicians and experts relate their insights (discussion in English only).

From 8 p.m. – Concert in the Muffathalle

Blinky Bill (Kenya)
Kenyan DJ Blinky Bill’s music is a mix of futuristic African beats, funk, hip-hop, pop, electronica, and a hint of jazz. He first came to fame as the lead vocalist/songwriter in Kenya’s most groundbreaking alternative act “Just A Band.” Then, in 2018, he released his first solo album “Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales,” featuring collaborations with Sampa the Great, Petite Noir, and Nneka. Blinky Bill

Sholo Mwamba (Tanzania)
Sholo Mwamba is a well-known and award-winning figure in the Tanzanian music scene. His songs have been instrumental in defining singeli – a genre- bending, up-tempo musical style – and his high-energy performances and extravagant stage outfits make him one of the most popular artists in the East African region today. Sholo Mwamba

Ami Yerewolo (Mali)
Ami Yerewolo is an outstanding Malian artist, who can be credited with making rap more accessible to women in her country. After completing her baccalaureate, she began studying finance while at the same time immersing herself in the hip-hop scene, consistently challenging her male counterparts with freestyles. She is an ambassador for the women of her country, giving voice to the challenges they face. Ami Yerewolo

Fulu Miziki Kolektiv (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Fulu Miziki Kolektiv is a multidisciplinary Afro-futuristic punk collective from Kinshasa that comes straight from a future where humans have reconciled with Mother Earth and with themselves. Making their own instruments, performance costumes, and masks is an essential part of their identity. Their unique sound promotes a pan-African message of artistic liberation and peace, as well as a serious look at the ecological situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and around the world. For Fulu Miziki Kolektiv, everything can be reclaimed and re-enchanted. Fulu Miziki Kolektiv

Entry from 7 p.m. Ticket price: €10.00.

Muffathalle Betriebs GmbH München
Zellstraße 4, 81667 Munich, Germany

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