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Music In Africa Connects for musicians from conflict and crisis regions in Africa

Musicians pursuing their art in crisis and conflict regions are often putting their lives on the line.
MIAConnects specifically supports musicians from Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan.
To increase mobility, MIAConnects provides musicians with help in putting on local, regional, or international concerts and tours.

It is often in countries in crisis and conflict where people really need help in making their own voices heard. Unfortunately, in such regions, musicians expressing themselves through art do so at great risk to themselves. To provide direct support to these artists by pulling them out of isolation and connecting them to the wider world, the Music In Africa Foundation and Siemens Stiftung created Music In Africa Connects (MIAConnects) with help from the German Federal Foreign Office.


Two-year special project

Within two years, musicians from Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Susan, and South Sudan are to receive support. Part of this will come from the existing Music In Africa platform, while courses and conferences tailored to the needs of participants will make up the rest.

The project focuses on:

  • Education and training
  • Cultural exchange
  • Research
  • Youth development

»We have to decide: Do we want music as a form of expression of our humanity to survive, or are we going to watch as it is violently eliminated?«

Jama Musse Jama, Red Sea Cultural Foundation, Hargeisa Tweet

Supporting mobility on the continent

One urgent issue that has been identified along with local partners is the lack of mobility on the continent. MIAConnects provides artists with the chance to apply for help in putting on local, regional, or international concerts and tours. The artists’ visibility increases thanks to integration into existing structures, and the creative industry will often encounter artists from these countries for the first time.

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