Various publications accompany our commitment and provide information about our work. Brochures, flyers, reports, studies and other publications can be downloaded here free of charge.


Brochure | Sep, 2016
Experimento in Mexico
In 2015, Siemens Stiftung extended its international education program Experimento to Mexico. Siemens Stiftung is partnering there with the nonprofit organization Innovec (Innovación en la Enseñanza de la Ciencia).
Flyer | Jun, 2016
Experimento in South Africa
Since 2012, the Siemens Stiftung has been working in South Africa with its international education programm Experimento to promote an understanding of science and technology among learners. The flyer outlines the mission and impact of this program.
Report | Sep, 2015
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2014/2015
Join us and our partners in looking back at a year of collaborative project activities and learn more about our commitment to sustainable social development.
Report | Sep, 2014
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2013/2014
Technology helps solve global challenges, and its full effectiveness is realized when it goes hand in hand with social innovation. Read more in our annual report 2014.
Report | Sep, 2013
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2012/2013
Articles, interviews, and statistics give insights into the project work of Siemens Stiftung in Germany, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The empowering people. Award ceremony in Nairobi stands out as the main event.
Report | Sep, 2012
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2011/2012
Why is cooperation vital to effective projects conducted by foundations? The annual report looks at the importance of collaboration and includes comments by experts in the field as well as the views of the Siemens Stiftung’s partners.
Report | Sep, 2011
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2010/2011
In the third fiscal year of Siemens Stiftung the establishment of network-based partnerships, a renewed and reinvigorated commitment to social entrepreneurship, and educational initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Read more about in the annual report 2011.
Report | Sep, 2010
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2009/2010
The Siemens Stiftung experienced a dynamic second fiscal year. The annual report informs about the further definition of the foundation’s work and the strengthing of the organization.
Report | Sep, 2009
Siemens Stiftung – Annual Report 2009
The foundation commenced its operations on January 1, 2009. The annual report informs about the diverse projects undertaken by the foundation as well as its goals and strategies for the future.

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