Network-independent solar energy supply

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WePower lends specially developed solar lanterns to fishermen. The lanterns offer an alternative, environmentally friendly source of energy.

Fishing lanterns for use on Lake Victoria were specifically developed for WeTu. They are very durable, and their lithium-ion batteries replace lead batteries that often go overboard in stormy weather and land on the bottom of the lake – with negative environmental consequences. The NIWA and Windsor lanterns can be charged at each WeTu site and are easily transportable. With 12 hours of light and a lifespan of up to 500 charging cycles, the lanterns are considered quite durable and sustainable.

Mobile GreenPack batteries can also be rented at WeTu hubs for use in e-mobility vehicles or as a source of power for small workshops or businesses.

Project manager WeTu Kenya
Tilmann Straub

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