Music In Africa Live

Digital expertise for a rapidly-changing music sector

Musicians are provided with digital skills to produce performances virtually for a wide online audience.
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Live performances are the main source of income for many African musicians. However, the Corona pandemic is severely restricting public life, and cultural events are also affected. The Music In Africa Live project provides music creators with digital skills to adapt to changes in the music sector and develop digital strategies. The project was initiated by the Music In Africa Foundation and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and the Siemens Stiftung.

Virtual concerts and video tutorials

Live music for a wide online audience

From August 2020 to February 2021, the project supported African production companies and artists in developing and promoting virtual concerts. Seventeen concert videos produced for the Music In Africa Facebook page have been viewed 500,000 times so far.

Teaching digital skills

In addition, the project financed continuing education opportunities that teach digital skills for creating online music projects. These free video tutorials, which were posted to the Music In Africa YouTube channel in February 2021, address topics such as copyright and royalties, broadcasting, and recording techniques for traditional instruments.