News | Development Cooperation 25.09.2014

The “empowering people. Onsite” workshop provides expertise and practical training for social entrepreneurs

Benon Kalisa of Nuru Energy and Victoria Endeshaw of Solarkiosk are interviewing people in the field.

From September 25-27, the first “empowering people. Onsite” workshop took place in Jinja, Uganda. Siemens Stiftung considers this as the first of a series of regional “hands-on” workshops for members of the “empowering people. Network” (epN): empowering people. Onsite.

Building on the present “empowering people. Network”, “empowering people. Onsite” is a format that interconnects members in person as well as virtually in order to provide inspiration throughout the existing but rather extensive network structures. These workshops will be organized in the respective regions in order to exploit local expertise and focus on local situations.

In Jinja, we extended invitations to 16 associates from the organizations of our “empowering people. Network,” all regionally based in Eastern and Southern Africa. This meant that small and innovative start-ups were able to come together with highly experienced professionals. The participants were empowered to acquire the type of know-how needed to build up their social businesses, all advice being provided in a particularly practical fashion.

The topic of the workshop in Jinja was “Communications.” While a crucial success factor for start-up businesses, it is also a subject relevant to all participating entrepreneurs when they need to address different target groups.