News | Education 31.05.2011

Teacher training for MINT experiments in Cairo

Before the two-day course was over, participating teachers were already requesting a continuation of the training in 2012

This positive response validated the concept behind the continuing education course for MINT experiments sponsored by the Siemens Stiftung, which took place in mid-May at German foreign schools in Cairo. A total of 16 educators and teachers participated, representing the entire educational chain from kindergarten and elementary school to secondary school level II. Using various experimentation kits tailored to the specific age groups, instructor Dieter Arnold suggested ways in which the individual groups can awaken children’s and adolescents’ interest in MINT subjects and help them better understand the contents by allowing them to conduct actual experiments.

 The participants were fascinated by the student experiment kits that were introduced, and by the experiments themselves relating to such topics as medicine, renewable energies, and electronics. They particularly liked the idea of conducting student experiments in small groups – and now they’ll have an opportunity to do just that: At the end of the seminar, the experimentation kits used in the course became the property of their respective schools. “We know that often teachers are still reluctant to let students experiment in the classroom itself,” says Maria Schumm-Tschauder, project manager at Siemens Stiftung. “Our continuing education courses – Cairo was the sixth of its kind – give teachers the pedagogical expertise necessary for student-oriented experiments, while the provided materials considerably reduce the amount of time spent preparing the lessons.”

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